Ithaca College foils cyberattacks with the comprehensive threat protection built into Microsoft 365

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Ithaca College aims to provide strong security throughout its digital environment to achieve its mission of delivering excellent education. But risk analysis and security threats are constantly evolving, and like schools everywhere, the college has many other uses for its funds. “We strive to keep appropriate, cost-effective security protections in place,” says Jason Youngers, Director and Information Security Officer at Ithaca College. “We take a risk-informed approach to information security, and Microsoft security solutions have been a game changer.”

Youngers and his team monitor compliance, working to ensure that the college protects sensitive data and meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other data security standards. In addition to maintaining compliance and defining margins of risk, they work diligently to mitigate phishing attacks and protect the accounts of students, staff, and faculty.

Youngers considers Office 365 ATP key to safeguarding the Ithaca College community. He especially values Safe Attachments and Safe Links, which block unsafe or malicious emails and links sent to users via email. Safe Links has prevented users from following links in phishing messages to sign into malicious sites with fake sign-in pages. Even when people inadvertently click deceptive links, they can be prevented from accessing harmful domains. “Blocking malicious links with Safe Links is a huge capability for us,” he says. “I think by using it we’ve saved hundreds of our accounts from compromise.”

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