For four days in June, ISTE 2019 is the place where educator-tested strategies come together with proven resources for transforming learning and teaching. It’s the place for Microsoft to connect with the brightest EdTech leaders and organizations around the world. Microsoft is once again proud to be a Mission Sponsor for the largest annual education industry conference in the US!

Check back on June 20th for our What’s New in EDU video focused on ISTE. You can also RSVP to each of the livestreams below:

Pre-Conference Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Teacher & Trainer Academies

MIE Teacher Academy – Convention Center, Room 203A

  • Saturday, June 22 from 8:30 AM–3:30 PM

During this one-day teacher academy, you will have the opportunity to explore tools such as Office Online, OneNote Class Notebook, Microsoft Forms and Sway, with the goal of providing your students with learning experiences beyond the walls of your classroom.

MIE Minecraft Academy – Convention Center, Room 203A

  • Sunday, June 23 from 8:30 AM–3:30 PM

During this one-day teacher academy, you’ll be introduced to Minecraft: Education Edition, learn to play the game and create curriculum and classroom resources you can take back to your students and continue your journey.

MIE 2-Day Trainer Academy – Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Meeting Rooms 302-304

  • Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 from 8:30 AM–3:30 PM

Learn more about Microsoft’s hottest tools and resources to empower your staff and students to achieve more! Take an immersive deep dive into Microsoft Teams in Office 365, including uses for staff, Professional Learning Communities and classes.

Microsoft Keynotes: Spotlight on Solutions Sessions – Convention Center, Room 201BC

Digital Transformation in Education 

  • Monday, June 24 from 10:30 AM–11:30 AM
  • Speaker: Anthony Salcito, VP WW Education, Microsoft

Digital Transformation is not simply about technology. It requires that we re-imagine the future of education and embrace a way of bringing together people, data, and processes to build deeper relationships and create more valuable experiences for today’s students. Join us to learn how.

The Emotion of Data: A Roadmap to Student-Centered Learning

  • Tuesday, June 25 from 1:45 PM–2:45 PM
  • Speaker: Barbara Holzapfel, GM WW EDU Marketing

Personalized learning helps students develop future-ready social-emotional and academic skills, but what is the best path to personalized learning at scale? Join us as representatives from Florida’s St. Lucie school district and Microsoft Education leaders share how data analytics provides the model for success. (Presentation and panel discussion.)

Conference Breakout Sessions: Convention Center, Room 203B

  • Monday, June 24–Wednesday, June 26

During the conference, Microsoft will deliver several 50-minute, role-specific sessions focused on the biggest trends in EdTech.

DateTimeTitlePrimary Audience
Monday, 6/248:00 AMPower in your pocket—three mobile apps that will empowerEducator
Monday, 6/249:00 AMMeeting the diverse needs of learnersSchool Leader
Monday, 6/2410:00 AMMeeting the needs of Generation ZEducator
Monday, 6/2411:00 AMGoing rogue with Microsoft—complete with tips and tricksEducator
Monday, 6/2412:00 PMMixed reality: New places and spaces for learningEducator
Monday, 6/241:00 PMOrganizational management using Teams for school, IT and district leadersSchool Leader
Monday, 6/242:00 PMOneNote for lesson planning, rubric design and organizationEducator
Monday, 6/243:00 PMTucson Unified SD transformed their security with Windows 10 and Office 365School Leader
Monday, 6/244:00 PMBuilding self-awareness through immersive digital experiencesEducator
Monday, 6/245:00 PMHow Microsoft Teams is transforming learning at the district-wide levelSchool Leader

Tuesday, 6/2510:00 AMGoing rogue with Microsoft—complete with tips and tricksEducator
Tuesday, 6/2511:00 AMHow one teacher affected a district’s digital technology strategySchool Leader
Tuesday, 6/2512:00 PMTransforming Collier County Schools with Microsoft TeamsSchool Leader
Tuesday, 6/251:00 PMDigital assessment with FormsEducator
Tuesday, 6/252:00 PMOrganizational management using Teams for school, IT and district leadersSchool Leader
Tuesday, 6/253:00 PMIncreasing accessibility and fostering inclusive classroomsALL
Tuesday, 6/254:00 PMOneNote Class Notebook, a teacher’s best friendEducator
Tuesday, 6/255:00 PMImpacting student achievement by combining Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) and industry certificationsEducator

Wednesday, 6/268:00 AMUse Azure VDI and multi-user Windows 10 to equitably deliver STEAM softwareTechnology Leader
Wednesday, 6/269:00 AMEasy school-wide data collection with FormsEducator
Wednesday, 6/2610:00 AMGoing rogue with Microsoft—complete with tips and tricksEducator
Wednesday, 6/2611:00 AMLeading transformation: An administrator’s pathway to success with the education transformation frameworkSchool Leader
Wednesday, 6/2612:00 PMOrganizational management using Teams for school, IT and district leadersSchool Leader
Wednesday, 6/261:00 PMMicrosoft accessibility tools and the special educator: a love storyEducator

Hands-on Learning Lab: Convention Center, Room 203A

  • Monday, June 24–Wednesday, June 26

Classroom learning with 50-minute interactive sessions where you will get hands-on experience leveraging technology to work on real-world scenarios (devices will be provided).

DateTimeTitlePrimary Audience
Monday, 6/248:00 AM–8:50 AMHow OneNote Class Notebook can personalize learning in the classroomEducator
Monday, 6/249:00 AM–9:50 AMHelping students grow through rich feedback with Assignments and Quizzes in TeamsEducator
Monday, 6/2410:00 AM–10:50 AMCreate your own video with Windows 10 and share your ISTE experienceEducator
Monday, 6/2411:00 AM–11:50 AMLimitless learning with Minecraft: Education EditionEducator
Monday, 6/2412:00 PM–12:50 PMEmpathy in action: Build your collaborative project with Skype in the ClassroomEducator
Monday, 6/241:00 PM–1:50 PMPixel perfect: Student ideas come alive with Minecraft: Education Edition design activitiesEducator
Monday, 6/242:00 PM–2:50 PMTeams 101: Overview of Teams and how faculty, staff and students benefitEducator
Monday, 6/243:00 PM–3:50 PMGet your collab on with Office Web Apps!Educator
Monday, 6/244:00 PM–4:50 PMCoding with Minecraft: Education EditionEducator
Monday, 6/245:00 PM–5:50 PMReady to rethink your classroom tech? Microsoft Surface is changing the gameTechnology Leader

Tuesday, 6/2510:00 AM–10:50 AMBeginning coders can learn block-based to JavaScript with MakeCode ArcadeEducator
Tuesday, 6/2511:00 AM–11:50 AMEmpowering student-centered learning with Microsoft SurfaceSchool Leader
Tuesday, 6/2512:00 PM–12:50 PMApp Smash with Teams: Maximizing your EdTech tools inside TeamsEducator
Tuesday, 6/251:00 PM–1:50 PMLimitless learning with Minecraft: Education EditionEducator
Tuesday, 6/252:00 PM–2:50 PMGet your collab on with Office Web Apps!Educator
Tuesday, 6/253:00 PM–4:50 PMLeading forward into education transformationSchool Leader
Tuesday, 6/255:00 PM–5:50 PMGet hands-on with Microsoft’s Intune for EducationTechnology Leader

Wednesday, 6/268:00 AM–8:50 AMHow Microsoft Teams supports district-wide collaborationSchool Leader
Wednesday, 6/269:00 AM–9:50 AMLimitless learning with Microsoft: Education EditionEducator
Wednesday, 6/2610:00 AM–10:50 AMCoding with Minecraft: Education EditionEducator
Wednesday, 6/2611:00 AM–11:50 AMHow OneNote Class Notebook can personalize learning in the classroomEducator
Wednesday, 6/2612:00 PM–12:50 PMImprove flipped learning and communications with videoEducator
Wednesday, 6/261:00 PM–1:50 PMGlobal learning in the 21st century classroom with Skype, Flipgrid and OneNoteEducator

Live Learning Theater: Booth 2900

  • Monday, June 24–Wednesday, June 26

Visit us in booth 2900 to learn more about student-centered learning tools including 20-minute spotlight sessions featuring productivity and accessibility, hands-on STEM experiences, demos, and more!

DateTimeTitlePrimary Audience
Monday, 6/2410:00 AM–10:20 AMCommunicating successfully with non-English speaking guardians and students using Microsoft TranslatorEducator
Monday, 6/2410:30 AM–10:50 AMDigital citizenship and SEL with Minecraft: Education EditionEducator
Monday, 6/2411:00 AM–11:20 AMWhat’s new with Skype in the ClassroomEducator
Monday, 6/2411:30 AM–11:50 AMMicrosoft Teams templates for school principals building leadershipSchool Leader
Monday, 6/2412:00 PM–12:20 PMStart your day with Office.comEducator
Monday, 6/2412:30 PM–12:50 PMBroadcast to students and teachers at scale with Teams, Stream and YammerEducator
Monday, 6/241:00 PM–1:20 PMBuild inclusive classrooms with Microsoft EducationEducator
Monday, 6/241:30 PM–1:50 PMSparking 21st century learning in your classroomSchool Leader
Monday, 6/242:00 PM–2:20 PMHelping students achieve workforce readinessEducator
Monday, 6/242:30 PM–2:50 PMExpand your PLN and become an MIEEducator
Monday, 6/243:00 PM–3:20 PMSaving time and assessing better with Microsoft FormsEducator
Monday, 6/243:30 PM–3:50 PMPersonalizing learning with the OneNote Class NotebookEducator

Monday, 6/244:00 PM–4:20 PMGet to know Minecraft: Education Edition with Code BuilderEducator

Monday, 6/244:30 PM–4:50 PMTucson Unified’s implementation of the MIE program for professional learningSchool Leader
Monday, 6/245:00 PM–5:20 PMShift to Windows 10 with offers and deployment best practicesTechnology Leader

Tuesday, 6/2510:00 AM–10:20 AMAmplifying each student’s unique voice within TeamsEducator
Tuesday, 6/2510:30 AM–10:50 AMDigital citizenship and SEL with Minecraft: Education EditionEducator
Tuesday, 6/2511:00 AM–11:20 AMEmpowering global voice with Flipgrid and Skype in the ClassroomEducator

Tuesday, 6/2511:30 AM–11:50 AMProfessional development through the all-new Microsoft Educator CenterTechnology Leader
Tuesday, 6/2512:00 PM–12:20 PMDevelop student creative agency through the power of videoEducator
Tuesday, 6/2512:30 PM–12:50 PMEmpowering students and educators to increase student discourse through Microsoft TeamsEducator

Tuesday, 6/251:00 PM–1:20 PMInclusive classroom in Teams: Managing instruction and assignments for different learning typesEducator
Tuesday, 6/251:30 PM–1:50 PMUsing Microsoft tools at Google schoolsALL
Tuesday, 6/252:00 PM–2:20 PMGet to know Minecraft: Education EditionEducator
Tuesday, 6/252:30 PM–2:50 PMPersonalizing learning with the OneNote Class NotebookEducator
Tuesday, 6/253:00 PM–3:20 PMOneNote, Open Up Resources and OER: Meeting the needs of all studentsEducator

Tuesday, 6/253:30 PM–3:50 PMSaving time and assessing better with Microsoft FormsEducator
Tuesday, 6/254:00 PM–4:20 PMThe Microsoft I did not know aboutEducator
Tuesday, 6/254:30 PM–4:50 PMManaging iOS devices with Intune for EducationTechnology Leader

Wednesday, 6/2610:00 AM–10:20 AMDelivering personalized learning for students with devices starting at $199Technology Leader
Wednesday, 6/2610:30 AM–10:50 AMDrive greater engagement and professional development with your faculty using TeamsSchool Leader
Wednesday, 6/2611:00 AM–11:20 AMPersonalizing learning with the OneNote Class NotebookEducator
Wednesday, 6/2611:30 AM–11:50 AMThe Microsoft I did not know aboutEducator
Wednesday, 6/2612:00 PM–12:20 PMCloud-connected Office 101Educator
Wednesday, 6/2612:30 PM–12:50 PMManaging Windows devices with Intune for EducationTechnology Leader
Wednesday, 6/261:00 PM–1:20 PMExpand your PLN and become and MIESchool Leader
Wednesday, 6/261:30 PM–1:50 PMGet to know Minecraft: Education Edition with Code BuilderEducator
Wednesday, 6/262:00 PM–2:20 PMSaving time and assessing better with Microsoft FormsEducator

Additional Microsoft Sessions

eSports for Education: Everything you wanted to know – Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Salon L*

  • Sunday, June 23 | Sessions at 8:30 AM–10:30 AM, 10:45 AM–12:45 PM and 1:00 PM–3:00 PM

Target Roles: Educators, Leaders

In this session, you will hear from educators who are using eSports as part of their curriculum, as part of a sports program or as part of a school club/competition. There will also be organizations that help drive eSports and you will witness a real-time eSports competition. If you’ve been curious about how eSports works and how it can enhance the educational experience, this session will give you the resources and insights you need to get started.

* Salon L is located on level 5 and can be accessed via the escalators.


MakeCode Day – Convention Center, Room 203B

  • Sunday, 6/23 from 9:00 AM–4:00 PM

Open to teachers, parent and students – Microsoft MakeCode is an open source platform for creating engaging computer science learning experiences that support a progression path into real-world programming. Microsoft will be bringing MakeCode to ISTE this year, so you can get hands on and learn how to code in real time with no experience needed! As an educator, you will also see how some schools and educators are creating inclusive, engaging learning experiences with Microsoft MakeCode.

Pre-register for any of our three one-hour sessions:

Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft

9:00 AM and 1:00 PM

Physical Computing with Micro:bit & Circuit Playground Express

10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade

11:00 AM and 3:00 PM


Pre-Day Partner Event – Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Salon K*

  • Sunday, June 23 from 10:30 AM–3:00 PM

Microsoft is focused on driving innovation to improve learning outcomes, transform classroom time and enable affordable, easy to manage technology, and is empowering its partners to do the same. In this session, you’ll hear directly from partners who are leveraging the Microsoft Education Platform to:

  • Transform modern classroom through turn-key solutions that streamline delivery of technology and facilitate learning.
  • Deliver rich, immersive content for instruction, assignments and assessment.
  • Enable students to unleash their creativity and develop STEAM skills.

Come learn about the latest innovations in Microsoft Education and how our partners are leveraging the Microsoft Education Platform to achieve more.

* Salon K is located on level 5 and can be accessed via the escalators.

Power what matters in your classroom

  • Monday, June 24-Wednesday, June 26 starting at 9:30 AM and running until the Expo Hall closes

Target Roles: Educators, Leaders

Every half hour, join us in the Building Skills area of our booth (#2900) as we uncover how Microsoft tools help support inclusive classrooms, build 21st century skills and amplify student voice.


Partner Solution Showcase – Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Salon K*

  • Monday, June 24–Tuesday, June 25 from 9:30 AM–3:15 PM

Join Microsoft at our Solution Showcase sessions and hear about some of the most impactful examples of Digital Transformation in Education. These sessions are your opportunity to meet fellow practitioners and hear first-hand global experiences, trends and observations from the Microsoft Worldwide Education leadership team.

* Salon K is located on level 5 and can be accessed via the escalators.


Hack the Classroom  streaming live on our Microsoft Education Facebook Channel from ISTE

  • Tuesday, June 25 from 6:15 PM–7:30 PM on the Microsoft Education Facebook Channel
  • You can RSVP to the Facebook Live event here!

Join us on Tuesday, starting at 6:15 PM. Learn more at

Microsoft in Education is bringing back its largest free online digital event for educators & school leaders worldwide to Hack the Classroom! Streamed live on Facebook, Hack the Classroom is devoted to the changemakers in education and the passionate innovators in student-centered learning. Join us and learn from the educators who are integrating technology in order to better connect with students, and to support them as they become active and engaged learners. These passionate educators will generously share their techniques and philosophies for creating better student outcomes during the event:

  • Jessica Tozzi, I Promise School (Ohio, US) shares how her school is empowering students through a focus social-emotional learning.
  • Samantha Skubal, J. Sterling Morton District (Illinois, US) shows how she is providing real-world future-ready experiences through their Technology Internship Program.
  • Luis Oliveira. Middletown H.S. (Rhode Island, US) demonstrates how he is supporting autonomous learning for English Language Learners through Immersive Reader and Flipgrid
  • Jen Padernal, De La Salle University Night College (Philippines) provides her top tips for engaging students through a virtual classroom in Microsoft Teams.
  • Toney Jackson, Nellie K. Parker Elementary School, (New Jersey, US) closes out the event again with another original work of poetry that will leave you inspired!

Improving educational outcomes is a key desire we all share, and we are proud to provide a sneak peak of just some of the partners join us on our booth at ISTE 2019!

Integrating digital resources and innovative teaching practices can be challenging. NCCE embraces every opportunity to support educators and educational institutions across the globe through professional learning opportunities.

Are you looking to cultivate critical thinking, coding and communication skills with your students? With the all-new Kano PC, students can build, customize a PC and put it to the test to learn next generation skills. Safe, secure, powerful and durable, the Kano PC is ideal for tomorrow’s classrooms

Pear Deck provides you with the ability to take a presentation, add interactive questions and send it straight to your students’ devices to enable real-time participation. As students engage with your Pear Deck, you see their responses on your device, helping you deliver powerful learning moments to every student, every day.

Are you looking to support STEM in the classroom? Sphero, the creator of programmable robots and educational tools, will be showcasing their ability to enable students to conduct experiments using sensor data from Sphero robots and grow future-ready skill sets.

Have you met the computer science discoveries curriculum? See how this now been incorporated into OneNote to deliver a class notebook with the full CS Discoveries 2018 curriculum baked in, saving you time and ensuring your students receive the curriculum in a powerful, effective manner.

Did you know that 10–20% of students are dyslexic or that 91% of educators believe their school needs a better understanding of and recognition of dyslexic strengths? Made by Dyslexia and Microsoft have partnered to deliver a course that provides essential insights into dyslexia to support you in the classroom.

Have you considered introducing your students to the possibilities of collaborative audio recording through podcasting and music composition? Soundtrap has integrated with Microsoft Teams to provide this opportunity and offer you another option to integrate audio into your classroom.

Stay tuned for more information on some of the other partners who will be joining us. As always, to see more partner solutions, please visit

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