Powerful tools to learn and practice math on Microsoft Education platform

Greetings teachers! As you get back into the back-to-school routine, we thought we would give you a quick update on one of your favorite subjects—math!  Below you will find amazing tools that will help your students learn and practice math in a fun and engaging way—thanks to our teams from Bing, OneNote, Windows Calculator and our partners from GeoGebra and FluidMath. We hope you’ll find these tools useful whether you are on-the-go with your mobile device or sitting down at your Windows 10 PC.


Learn on your mobile phone with Bing Math Helper


Newly introduced Math Helper is available in the Bing app for iPhone and Android. Whether your students are taking a photo of a math problem or drawing it by hand, this tool can help them solve the problem and guide them through the interactive solution steps and graphs. Math Helper can assist students with a variety of problems, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Additionally, the app offers access to learning resources such as related instructional videos and practice worksheets, utilizing the full power of the Bing search engine. Download the free Math Helper app here.


Practice inside OneNote with the Math Assistant


OneNote’s Math Assistant empowers your students to be independent learners. The Math button not only helps students solve equations, but it also shows the steps needed to get to that point. Breaking down a complex problem into steps allows students to build understanding of the solution process. And students can use Immersive Reader to hear the solution steps read aloud. In addition, we’ve just launched an interactive demo of our inclusive math features, so you can learn about these features at your convenience.

For more practice, the Math Assistant can generate a practice quiz with a set of similar questions to those the student is working on.

Also, OneNote can graph functions, providing visual assistance in understanding math concepts and procedures.

Learn more about the Math Assistant here.


Visualize math functions with Windows Calculator graphing mode (coming soon)


Windows Calculator will soon have a graphing calculator mode, providing teachers with a new modern tool to teach graphing concepts in the classroom. It will help empower students to learn mathematics by improving conceptual understanding and attitudes towards math. With this feature, teachers and students will have access to a great baseline graphing calculator experience out-of-the-box on Windows 10, where they will be able to plot and analyze multiple equations and manipulate equation variables in real time to help understand how changes to equations affect graphs. This feature will be available to Windows Insiders later this year, and we cannot wait to hear your feedback! You can  find the latest information on the Windows Calculator here.


Leverage community resources with the GeoGebra Graphing Calculator on Windows 10


GeoGebra is a leading provider of math apps, STEM education resources and community services, having provided calculator apps and curriculum services to 500 million students and teachers globally since 2015. Its powerful graphing calculator for math students and teachers, made for your PC, Surface and mobile devices, also offers access to curriculum resources created by the global GeoGebra community of teachers. You can search, browse, use directly or make a copy and adapt over 1 million shared resources for just about any curriculum, anywhere. For more information, please visit www.geogebra.org or download the free GeoGebra Graphing Calculator app for Windows 10 here.


Use the pen to ink your math in the FluidMath app


For those of you who love picking up a pen to do math, you will find the FluidMath app on Windows 10 a joy to work with. This award-winning app enables teachers and students to easily create, solve and graph math and physics problems all in their own handwriting—especially tailored for 6th to 12th graders. Its animation function (see screenshot below) offers a great way for students to grasp concepts more easily. FluidMath was developed and tested in consultation with teachers over several years with support from the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health and the US Department of Education. You can find a free trial version of the Windows 10 FluidMath app here.


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