AI in education – #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet on February 18


Announcing the February 18 TweetMeet

We’ve all seen stories about artificial intelligence in the news and on social media. Chat bots, speech recognition, machine translation and self-driving cars are just a few of the real-life examples you may have heard about or even experienced first-hand.

The impact that AI decision-making has on the economy, society, education and our emotional well-being is tremendous. This begs the question: how well equipped are today’s teachers to prepare their students for a world increasingly impacted by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and what opportunities and concerns do these developments bring to education?

With all this in mind, we welcome you to a 75-minute TweetMeet on Tuesday, February 18 at 10am PST.

We have five discussion questions lined up this month, allowing 14 minutes of discussion time each:

PST # #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet question timings
10:00am Event begins Welcome. Please introduce yourself. Use #MSFTEduChat and #TweetMeetEN or #TweetMeetXX for non-English languages
10:04 1 What does artificial intelligence mean to you and what examples can you share?
10:18 2 Why is artificial intelligence in education so important nowadays?
10:32 3 How could AI impact teaching and learning in practice? Why?
10:46 4 What’s the importance of ethics and bias when talking about AI?
11:00 5 What tips and resources do you recommend to newcomers in AI?
11:15 Event closes Participant Survey and announcing the next event.

Even when you’re in class at event time, busy doing other things or asleep – well, no problem! All educators are most welcome to join any time after the event. Simply look at the questions and respond to these at a day and time that suit you best.

You can also schedule your tweets in advance. In that case, be sure to include the entire question in your tweet and always mention the hashtag #MSFTEduChat so that everyone knows to which question in which conversation you are responding.

SuperWakelet: AI in education resources curated by this month’s hosts

Wakelet is a useful web service to bookmark, curate and annotate resources, images, tweets and other content.

We’ve invited our hosts to share and carefully annotate their favorite AI in education resources and introduce their resource collections with a Flipgrid video.

Note how each host has chosen a different angle for their Wakelet. Find all of these resources in our new AI in education SuperWakelet, live-embedded here:

Keeping up with how Microsoft talks about AI on Twitter

Artificial intelligence is an important topic across Microsoft. Use this nifty Twitter search query to keep track of what Microsoft leadership, brands and product teams have to say about it.

Twitter tip: Are you a TweetDeck user? Then paste the entire range of keywords from the Twitter search box into a TweetDeck search column.

Brand-new hashtag #TweetMeetEN

Every month, we welcome more and more educators to our events, obviously resulting in rather large volumes of tweets.

Many of you tweet in your preferred language and are already using #TweetMeetXX.

It’s now time to also invite all English-speaking TweetMeet participants to start adding hashtag #TweetMeetEN to your tweets. This will help to filter the large volume and will make it easier to find tweets back in your preferred languages.

Create your own TweetMeet Friend Card

Another way to share your enthusiasm about AI in education and TweetMeets in general is to create a TweetMeet Friend Card.

Share your own version of this image anytime anywhere. For example, to announce the TweetMeet to your followers, and of course when introducing yourself at the start of a TweetMeet. Just follow the steps in the TweetMeet Friend Cards PowerPoint template.

Here’s an example:

Introducing our hosts

Please meet our hosts for this month’s TweetMeet. After going through weeks of preparation for this TweetMeet, they are thrilled to engage with you on their favorite topic: AI in education.

Check out all the hosts, see what they are tweeting about and consider following them:

List of host names and their profiles

Amy Icke @digitalGDST (Online Learning and Innovation Manager, The Girls’ Day School Trust. Women in STEM advocate, curious about AI and its impact on education. Loves to connect, collaborate and create using tech – London, UK)

Elena Sinel @elena_sinel (Founder of @teensinai and @acornaspiration, award-winning social entrepreneur, on a mission to inspire teenagers across the world to solve problems through #AI, #MachineLearning and #DataDcience – World) 

Fred Sagwe @fsagwe (Teacher and Technology Coach Itierio Boys’ High School, MIE Expert and Trainer, MS Teams, Skype and AI enthusiast – Kisii, Kenya)

Joey Mach @MachJoey (Innovator at The Knowledge Society – Human Accelerator training next generation leaders to impact billions, 16-year-old Futurist, passionate about how AI will disrupt the biotech sector – Toronto ON, Canada)

Jorge Calvo @jorgemcalvo (Advisor and trainer of EdTech. MIE Expert. Teacher at Colegio Europeo – Cognita Schools. Leader Digital Project Lab EuropeanValley. Passionate about AI and Machine Learning through Education. – Madrid, Spain)

Joseph Fatheree @josephfatheree (Instructor of Creativity & Innovation at Unit #40 School District, Top 10 Finalist Global Teacher Prize, Advisory Committee Member for The Institute for Ethical AI in Education – Effingham, IL, USA)

Matthew Nickerson @dadxeight (Instructional Technology Specialist for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, i2e Professional Learning Specialist, MIE Expert and Master Trainer, Minecraft Mentor and author – Severn MD, USA)

Michael Harvey @doctor_harves (Physics and Chemistry teacher at Marlborough College, Malaysia, Digital Learning Leader, MIE Expert – Iskander Puteri, Malaysia)

Michelle R. Zimmerman, PhD @mrzphd (School Leader, Educator, Research at Renton Prep part of the Microsoft Flagship Schools Program, Author of Teaching AI from ISTE, MIEExpert, MCE, MVP Award, Edtech Digest Global Leadership Award – Seattle, WA USA)

Omnia Ismail Elsayed @omniaismail1711 (Head of Edu-Tech Dept at Mansoura College International Schools – MIE Expert – MIE Master Trainer – Merge Cube Ambassador – CoSpaces Edu Ambassador – Nearpod Certified Educator – Mansoura, Egypt)

Rachel Evans @Digital_WHS (Director of Digital Learning & Innovation at Wimbledon High School. Loves Teams & OneNote, passionate about EdTech delivering a fair education for all. – London, UK)

Snežana Bogavac Mihajlović @zanahajlovic (Computer Science teacher in Middle School Vožd Karadjordje, MIE Fellow, Master Trainer, Global Math Project Ambassador, Scientix Ambassador, Wakelet Ambassador. An electronics engineer in mind, an artist in the soul. – Aleksinac, Serbia)

Welcoming TweetMeet newcomers

Do you know someone who’s new to the TweetMeets? Our TweetMeet Ultimate Wakelet collection is especially created for newcomers, so please share it with friends and colleagues who might be interested to join

Why join the #MSFTEduChat TweetMeets?

TweetMeets are monthly recurring Twitter conversations about themes relevant to educators, facilitated by Microsoft Education. The purpose of these events is to help professionals in education to learn from each other and inspire their students while they are preparing for their future. The TweetMeets also nurture personal learning networks among educators from across the globe.

When and how can I join?

Join us Tuesday, February 18 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. PST on Twitter using the hashtags #AI, #AIED, #MSFTEduChat, #TweetMeetEN and #MicrosoftEDU. Be sure to double check your own local event time. You can find the event time for 215 countries with this time zone announcer.

Our next recommendation is to set up Twitter dashboard TweetDeck and add columns for the hashtags and for your favorite AI nerds. If you are new to TweetDeck, then check out this brief TweetDeck tutorial by Marjolein Hoekstra.

When a tweet appears that you want to respond to, press the retweet button and type your comments.

Additional tips are offered in this animated GIF that you’re most welcome to share with newcomers:

Next month’s event: Becoming Global Changemakers

The theme of March 17 will be Becoming Global Changemakers. We always love meeting up with you and hope you’ll hold the date on your calendar and spread the word among your peers.

Got questions about the #MSFTEduChat TweetMeets?

Please connect with TweetMeet organizer Marjolein Hoekstra @TweetMeet on Twitter if you have any questions about the TweetMeets or about what it takes to be a host on a future event.

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