As schools around the world work to reimagine education, it’s become more important than ever to make technology accessible, safe, and engaging so that educators and students can focus on what matters most: teaching, learning, and connecting with one another. Windows 10 devices and powerful tools like Office 365 for Education and Microsoft Teams work together to help teachers create personalized experiences to support students learning from anywhere.

One example of an institution embracing technology is Frenship Independent School District (ISD). The district, which offers professional certifications and language learning programs, used both Windows 10 devices and Microsoft Teams to manage the shift to remote learning this fall. Before the shift, Frenship ISD had provided student access through a combination of individual devices, computer labs, and “device carts” where devices could be checked in and out to give students access to technology.

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When Superintendent Dr. Michelle McCord understood that Frenship ISD would be fully remote this fall, she wanted to keep the technology check-out system at the Texas district alive on a larger scale. She worked with the district’s tech department to create a library system for their devices, which were primarily Dell Latitude 3190 computers but also included other Windows 10 devices. Students in the district could select a device that fit their learning needs, use it for the semester and check it back in when they completed their program.

“We fulfilled everyone’s requests. Everybody that needed a device or support for accessing Microsoft systems got it,” said Dr. McCord. The district paired the devices with Microsoft Teams to facilitate collaboration, maintaining a supportive learning environment for students.

With Windows 10 devices and Microsoft Teams connecting students and educators, Frenship ISD is prepared to handle whatever happens in the spring semester and beyond. “We’re ready at any time for a short-term closure, virtual learning, or face-to-face learning,” said Joe Barnett, the district’s Chief Technology Officer. “Blended learning is more of what I think is going to occur. I anticipate students transitioning from one instructional model to the other, and that’s what we really wanted to be prepared for.”

McCord expects the device check-out system will be lasting. “We’re never going to go back to the way it was before,” she explains. “We’re going to keep using this technology so we can be even more productive and stay connected. This will allow us to continue to remain committed to our core beliefs and serve every learner, no matter the circumstance.”

Though we don’t know what this semester will bring for education, we do know that having the right technology is critical as school systems transition to different learning environments. Windows 10 devices and tools like Teams are built to support the success of your school system.

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