The start of the calendar year is a great time to recharge and find new ways to enhance your classroom. With BettFest 2021 taking place January 20–22, it’s also a great opportunity to discover new education partners through the Microsoft Hub resource guide.

At BettFest 2021, we’ll be showcasing partners with solutions for your remote and hybrid learning challenges. From controls to manage digital classrooms and minimize disruptions, to solutions that enable secure learning environments—all available on affordable Windows 10 devices—you’ll find just the right Microsoft Education partner to help you make the most of your learning environments.

Providing teachers with controls to manage digital classrooms and minimize disruptions

  • Beedle: This comprehensive set of education tools makes it easy for teachers to manage learning without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. Beedle includes an interactive class list and diary, daily planning tool linked to a calendar, attendance and assessment tracking (incorporating assignments in Microsoft Teams), and a linked curriculum builder. Teachers can store digital lesson resources, organise their daily work, share content with colleagues and students, mark attendance, grade assessments, and create curriculum-assessment frameworks—all within Microsoft Teams. In addition, a stand-alone Guardian app allows parents and carers to track attendance, receive messages from teachers, see assessment grades, and more.
  • Dugga: Dugga is a total assessment solution used by teachers worldwide for all types of tests, exams, homework, assignments, and home exams all in one place. This easy-to-use solution lets teachers create, plan, and schedule all types of assessments ahead of time. There are many different question types to choose from, including for math and science. Teachers can select different security and monitoring options from open exam and plagiarism analysis to full lockdown and AI (artificial intelligence) proctoring. Teachers can insert videos, upload documents, use auto scoring, auto grading, and much more. Dugga can be used via the Dugga app in Microsoft Teams and with Microsoft 365.
  • Go1: Go1 makes it easy to search, consume, share, and discuss many different types of learning content—like SCORM, video, etc.—all within Microsoft Teams.
  • Lexplore: In just three minutes, Lexplore uses eye-tracking and AI to provide an accurate, objective reading assessment that helps enable all students get the right level of reading support. While traditional assessments take 30-60 minutes per child, Lexplore provides similar reading insights in a fraction of the time. Integrated with Microsoft Teams, Lexplore shows a unique reading profile for all students, even those who are non-verbal.
  • Corinth by Lifeliqe: Corinth makes it exciting to learn science with 1,500+ interactive 3D, AR, and VR models. The scientifically verified 3D content can be quickly shared in the classroom, and the Office 365 integration makes it easy to create engaging 3D resources for teachers and students in Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, or Word. Corinth is powered by Lifeliqe, making it available for third-party licensing.
  • This next-generation discussion board promotes deeper learning and equal opportunities in education, offering structured, easy-to-read discussions and empowering analytics and seamless student assessment.
  • Squigl: Squigl helps educators engage their classroom​ in five minutes or less with fully enabled quizzing and interactivity features built into Teams, driving engagement, and improving retention.
  • Wakelet: Wakelet allows you to save, organize, and present multimedia content with your students, teachers, and learning communities. Educators around the world use Wakelet to create engaging newsletters, lesson plans, and portfolios along with many other accessible, stunning collections!

Keeping students and data secure

  • 3DBear: 3DBear offers a turnkey solution for virtual learning environments. With AR and VR, you can teach skills remotely, giving K-12 students vocational school project-based and hands-on learning. From teacher training academies, to qualification, to creating lessons in VR/AR, a wide variety of pedagogical content modules can be tailored to unique classroom needs.
  • Edsby: Edsby is a comprehensive, integrated K-12 learning management system (LMS) and data platform that engages students, parents, and teachers on all their devices, giving school districts, states, provinces, and national governments powerful new ways to facilitate K-12 digital transformations.
  • Impero: Impero class:room is a classroom management system fully embedded within Teams, enabling teachers to view and control devices, and empowering teachers to deliver engaging lessons and drive student attainment in a hybrid teaching, multi-location environment. This scalable classroom management software is built on Microsoft Azure and is operating system agnostic, with native apps for all major operating systems.
  • Kortext: Students and universities want access to their textbooks and other relevant content in digital form as easily as possible. Now, universities across the world can provide an enhanced learning experience and equip students with the digital resources for their courses from day one. With full Teams integration, Kortext ensures consistency of experience and equity of access and opportunity, leaving no student behind.
  • Lightspeed Systems: Lightspeed Systems® has been a trusted partner to schools for over 20 years. Our solutions, rooted in expertise and innovation, empower you to better educate and safeguard your students. Our suite of solutions includes patented technology imagined and designed exclusively for education. In partnerships with schools around the world, we’ve innovated continuously to scale student safety from the classroom to the cloud- with cloud-based filtering, classroom management, MDM, and student and app Analytics solutions.
  • Senso.Cloud: Offering numerous powerful tools, from remote device management, asset utilization reporting, classroom management, and web filtering to student well-being and remote teaching, Senso.Cloud is a truly cloud-based solution that offers many tools in a centralized real-time web portal. With a particular focus on Microsoft Teams chat safeguarding, Senso.Cloud uses an AI-based visual threat detection engine to monitor chat and inspects images for visual threats, alerting you when a violation is detected.
  • School Day: When students feel better, they learn better. School Day asks students questions about their well-being, analyzes the data, and provides real-time insights. The service highlights what’s going well in the classroom and provides easily implementable solutions. From the classroom to the school and district level, School Day helps students and educators around the world learn how well-being can improve learning outcomes.
  • Skooler: Skooler Learning Tools is a K-12 learning tool solution built around Microsoft 365 and hosted in Microsoft Azure. It enhances the powerful functionality and workflow of Teams, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and more to meet the unique needs of education for online and in-class education.

Affordable Windows 10 devices offer remote and hybrid learning solutions

  • Acer: Acer for Education empowers teachers and students with reliable and tailored technology to support better learning and fuel creativity.
  • ASUSTek Computer Inc.: ASUSTek Computer Inc. helps cultivate the minds of the next generation with student-centered technology to enable progressive and innovative learning in an ever-changing world.
  • Dell: Enable anywhere, anytime learning with Dell’s purpose-built devices, thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested to endure the demands of student use. With world-class durability, ease of serviceability, and flexible form factors, educators are empowered to help transform teaching and learning for the digital age.
  • HP Education Solutions: Enable learning for everyone, everywhere, with Windows laptops solutions for every type of teaching and learning.
  • jp.ik: Currently present in more than 70 countries, jp.ik is leading the innovation of technology-based solutions for education, partnering with the main market players. jp.ik has already led the implementation of more than 20 large-scale educational projects, reached more than 16 million students, and capacitated more than 300 thousand teachers.
  • Kano Code: Introduce coding in a simple and fun manner, with guided tooltips and challenges. Learn to code with blocks (similar to Scratch) or typed, colorful Javascript code. If you can read, you can code with Kano apps.
  • Lenovo: Lenovo’s innovative technology and software empower educators, parents, and students to build connections that inspire learning beyond the classroom.

See you at BettFest 2021!

We look forward to meeting you virtually during BettFest (it’s free to register), and to sharing all the latest solutions from our Microsoft Education partners. Be sure to download our updated Microsoft Education partner solutions brochure and visit us at the Microsoft Hub to discover the many ways Microsoft Education and our partners can help energize your teaching in 2021.