There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to classroom learning. That’s why Microsoft Teams is excited to offer Breakout Rooms to help teachers create meaningful connections through smaller, more comfortable group settings. The new feature allows you to easily divide students into separate groups to facilitate discussions, encourage participation, and foster collaboration.

As shown in the instructional video, you can create Breakout Rooms through either a Teams meeting or channel. Once the Breakout Rooms are open, you can join them anytime to check on students’ progress, answer questions, or provide guidance. You can also bring students back to the main meeting at any time to regroup as a class. With up to 50 Breakout Rooms available at a time, classes of any size can utilize this feature—whether you have 20 students or a lecture hall of 200.

All the innovative features that make Teams an inclusive, interactive, and intelligent platform are also available in Breakout Rooms. Students can change their virtual setting using Together Mode, send messages to peers using the Chat feature, or sketch out ideas using Whiteboard. And like all Teams tools, Breakout Rooms are built with the Microsoft security features that help make this option a reliable and secure platform for classrooms.

We are thrilled to share Breakout Rooms with classrooms around the world this semester. Learn more about how Microsoft Teams can enhance the education experience for your school.