Keeping your classroom organized and your students engaged can be challenging—especially in these times of remote and hybrid learning. With lots of ways to help you focus on what matters most, Microsoft Teams is a great foundation wherever you’re teaching. And tools from Microsoft Education partner FeedbackFruits can help take your online classes and lectures to the next level.

With research-based pedagogical tools co-created by educators, the FeedbackFruits Tool Suite builds on the capabilities of both your learning management system (LMS) and Teams. FeedbackFruits Tool Suite of nine tools, which serves grades from K-12 to university level, has a similar look and feel to Teams, making the tools easy to learn and use for both educators and students.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams

For Jeroen Mulder, I-Coach at Nova College in the Netherlands, there’s a big benefit to the Teams integration with FeedbackFruits. “I’ve noticed that once teachers learn how to use the tool, they find it quite simple to use in daily lessons,” he said. “And students are no longer required to remember various passwords, sites, and where to find learning materials, removing one boundary in learning for students.”

“With this integration we can enhance learning and teaching and truly augment the existing experience in Microsoft Teams,” added Marina Brinkman-Staneva, a senior lecturer at Breda University of Applied Sciences. “As a result, the digital classroom becomes more than just a place to meet.”

Marina Birkman holding a lightbulb
Marina Birkman, Senior Lecturer at Breda University of Applied Sciences

No more one-way lectures

With FeedbackFruits, recorded lectures allow students to set their own pace and save teachers time, while inline questions and discussions boost interaction and stimulate peer-to-peer learning. Just as important, you can monitor the conversations and lend your expertise.

Students can also review each other’s work in Teams, which can help them develop teamwork skills and improve the quality of group assignments. Educators can also gain in-depth insights on students’ learning progress and address issues with contributions to group assignments.

For Mulder, using Teams with FeedbackFruits was a great way to engage his classroom. “The students seem to be more engaged because the videos and presentations are more interactive,” he said. “This stimulates active learning, which helps students in gaining, remembering, and applying new knowledge and skills.”

Jeroen Mulder teaching
Jeroen Mulder, I-Coach at Nova College

All the tools you need

FeedbackFruits tools are built around key pedagogical themes so you can focus more on teaching, and less on tasking:

  • Peer feedback tools structure and streamline the process of students reviewing skills or work from their peers. You specify criteria and set instruction deadlines, then the entire peer allocation process is automated. This allows students to peer-assess each other’s draft reports before submitting, or provide feedback on their peers’ collaboration skills.
  • Interactive study material tools enhance the process of consuming articles, videos, or podcasts so that students aren’t just passively consuming content. These tools add interactivity and foster social learning by asking students to add comments in readings or videos prior to a lecture.
  • Online discussion tools encourage critical and reflective thinking and help generate dialogue with peers with explicit, step-by-step instructions for having a meaningful dialogue. This allows you to organize an open-ended, formative, or summative discussion at scale.
  • Interactive classrooms tools are built to foster engagement in class by adding interactive questions to existing PowerPoint slides. They provide a low-barrier solution that prevents students from passively attending your lectures.

These are just a few of the nine tools and thousands of learning activities available with FeedbackFruits, all shaped by experts, based on evidence, and designed to spark student engagement.

To learn more about how Microsoft Teams and FeedbackFruits work together to enhance the teaching and learning experience, check out this teacher perspective webinar. You can sign up for Microsoft Teams on our website, and find FeedbackFruits in the Microsoft Store.