The spring season has sprung in many places around the world, reminding us that learning never stops changing. Neither does our focus on providing you with new resources that equip you and your students for success in any learning environment.

Whether you’re teaching remotely, returning to the classroom, or using a hybrid approach, these recently introduced Microsoft Teams features can help you do some “spring cleaning” as the end of the school year nears. These features can help organize, simplify, or speed up the practices that you already have in place. Let’s dig in! 

Get meeting recaps

Sometimes a class can introduce lots of pertinent information students will need to reference afterwards—from assignments to notes to presentations. The new Teams meeting recap function automatically stores relevant session materials in one spot where students can access them in the future. There, they will also be able to listen to the lesson recording or read a transcript of the session after it has ended, making it easier for students to revisit a lesson or catch up if they missed a class or joined late. Teachers can use this tool for recaps of meetings with colleagues, too. 

A screen shot showing meeting recap in Microsoft Teams.

Access meeting links on Teams Calendar

It happens to everyone: we need a reminder of the link to our meeting or need to send a link to someone else—fast. Now, any user with a Teams meeting on their calendar can copy the meeting link from the Teams Calendar tab and share it with others. This provides one more easy way to copy and paste a meeting link into an email, chat, or channel conversation. 

Use enhanced meeting controls to help keep students secure 

The lobby function, which works by allowing only a meeting host to admit guests, is critical for helping keep students secure and for running disruption-free classes and meetings. To provide an added layer of meeting security, meeting owners now have a choice to allow “people in my organization” or “people in my organization, trusted organizations, and guests” to enter a meeting directly with expanded bypass lobby controls. 

A screen shot of Meeting options in Microsoft Teams.

Connect SharePoint sites with Teams

Now, it’s even easier to merge SharePoint content with Teams, creating a single hub for storing documents and discussing them using the real-time chat and conferencing functionality of Teams. By connecting a SharePoint site with Teams, users can customize which lists, libraries, and pages to bring into Teams as new tabs under the ‘General’ channel by default. 

These are just a few of the latest updates and features available in Teams this spring—and we’re not stopping there. As learning environment—much like the seasons—continue to change, be sure to explore the latest Microsoft Teams features, and if you haven’t already signed up for Microsoft Teams for free, head over to the Microsoft Teams page.