It’s no secret that learning extends long after class is dismissed, for students and for teachers—from diving into a new topic to brushing up on an old skill. Now, there are more ways for educators to explore their questions after class and on their schedule.

Our YouTube series, Office Hours, is made especially for and by educators like you.  Each episode explores a different topic and demonstrates easy-to-follow steps for getting more out of Microsoft products, features, tools, and other classroom resources—all available on-demand and without needing to schedule one-on-one time with a colleague or other expert.

And because each episode clocks in at under five minutes, you can refer to them anytime for a quick reference. Here are a few sessions to get you started: 

  • Create inclusive classrooms with free Microsoft toolsThis episode explores how free and customizable tools, such as Immersive Reader and Reading Progress, as well as Microsoft Teams-based features like Live Captions and Translations can foster more inclusive classrooms and help empower all students to achieve success.
  • Try tools for teaching math in OneNoteDid you know you can type math symbols and show the steps of solving an equation all with OneNote? Learn how in this video—it will literally take just 2.683333 minutes of your day. 
  • Encourage healthy student lifestyles using FlipgridPhysical health is foundational for engaged learning. In this short, educators can discover how Flipgrid to involve students in their own health and wellness, from creating goals for healthy habits to sharing DIY fitness tutorials. 
  • Boost productivity with Microsoft EdgeWatch as we run through five fast ways to use Microsoft Edge to help improve your workflow and maximize your productivity. 

You never know who you’ll meet or what ideas you’ll pick up in Office Hours! For more topics and tips, check out the Office Hours playlist on Microsoft Education’s YouTube page.