Set your students up for success this year by learning about some of the built-in tools and technology from Microsoft Education. Designed with you and your students in mind, these tools can help empower a better experience that enables student success and keeps your classrooms connected—no matter the learning environment.

The following three resources will help create a smooth transition into the new school year, and each video will take less than two minutes to watch—about the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee. So, sit back, relax, and dive in!

1. Help enable hybrid classrooms with Microsoft Teams and Windows devices

Together, Windows devices and Microsoft 365 technologies create a powerful platform that supports any learning environment. They work seamlessly together, allowing applications like Teams to bring conversations, content, assignments, and video lessons into one convenient and secure location. Teams features, such as Breakout Rooms and Whiteboard, help recreate in-person learning experiences while enabling educators and IT administrators to control settings to keep students focused and engaged. Check out the video below to learn more.

2. Get familiar with Insights in Teams

Insights in Microsoft Teams provides immediate analytics of participants’ progress and activity within a class, which helps educators better monitor and understand their students’ engagement, progress, and academic and emotional well-being right away or over time. With easily digestible visualizations, educators receive meaningful data to make faster, more informed decisions about their learning communities—helping to ensure students’ individual needs are being met. 

3. Send Praise Badges to acknowledge student achievements

Did you know there's a special way to celebrate your students in Teams? Use Praise Badges to recognize and reinforce students’ effort, growth, and achievements. Praise Badges can foster meaningful connections between educators and students and spotlight daily student wins or progress, while acknowledging and encouraging improvements in social-emotional learning.

As education continues to evolve, so will our technology and classrooms. Microsoft will be there every step of the way, with technology that bring teachers and students together wherever they are and however they work best. If you haven’t already signed up for Teams, head over to our Teams page to get started for free. And to learn more about the affordable educational tools and technology that can help empower learning success, visit the Windows devices page