While everyone loves summer break, students and educators might be even more excited about fall this year. The back-to-school season will likely bring the chance to reconnect—not just online but in person.

Many schools have already begun preparing to embrace a hybrid learning environment this fall. For educators, this will mean stepping into the new school year with the confidence, tools, and training to create the kinds of learning environments that are personal, engaging, and socially connected for their students. After all, the right tools can make learning enriching no matter the environment. 

So, whether you’re looking for a quick refresher on Microsoft Teams or wanting to discover new features to engage your students, we have you covered. 

Below are a handful of free trainings from the Microsoft Store that can help equip you with the technical proficiency to do what you do best: connect with and inspire students.

  • Microsoft Teams assignments and assessments for education: Learn how to create, assign, distribute, and collect student work within Teams and save time and effort with Office 365 calendar integration and features like Education Insights. Educators can also review assignments within the platform and assign each student a grade, which the educator can later export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet they can save and update throughout the year. The bonus for educators: no more manual marksheets! 
  • Microsoft Teams student projects and research for education: Microsoft gives students the tools to improve their projects and research, and this training showcases those for educators. Educators will learn about tools and apps in Teams to help their students easily and successfully research, develop, and present individual or group work.
  • Microsoft accessibility tools for education: Microsoft Learning Tools are a set of built-in features that assist students of all abilities with reading, writing, math, and communication—in any learning environment. These inclusive classroom features, built for Microsoft 365 Education and Windows devices, are natively incorporated into Microsoft products—including Teams, OneNote, Flipped, Forms, Word, and PowerPoint. The features are also designed to empower every student and teacher to be able to achieve more.
  • Insights in Microsoft Teams for Education: Teams for Education supports teachers in building a classroom environment that recognizes the whole student and every student, and it saves educators time in planning, giving feedback to students, and providing help where needed. Insights in Teams also offer educators the ability to track student engagement, activity, performance, and behavior to help improve learning outcomes.  

Whatever this school year brings, remember that these free learning resources are always a few clicks away. Visit the Microsoft Store Hybrid Classroom Tools page to browse the full calendar of sessions and register today.