Today, many schools are returning to in-person instruction—or soon will be. And many teachers want to incorporate the technology-enhanced tools and techniques they’ve discovered this past year that can help make learning more inclusive, personalized, and student-centered in any learning environment.

What makes our education community strong is the ability to share with and learn from other educators and leaders across the globe. With a new school year ahead, this is an exciting time to explore how others are planning to bring into the classroom impactful new ideas, pedagogical learnings, and tools they’ve discovered during the pandemic, such as Microsoft Teams.

That’s why the Microsoft Educator Center is offering three free on-demand courses to support educators and school leaders in feeling more confident as learning environments continue to evolve. These courses provide helpful guidance and best practices for the technology, tools, and techniques that can help improve the learning outcomes of every student.  

  • Teach forward is designed to help educators create a learning environment that personalizes instruction and increases student engagement to support their learning. 
  • Lead forward provides school and system leaders with a guide to help them assess, implement, navigate, and sustain a blended learning environment. 
  • A third course, Enable student success with blended learning solutions in higher education, supports higher-ed faculty in rethinking and planning coursework to focus on student engagement. 

Check out the Microsoft Educator Center for more resources to help support educators and school leaders for the upcoming school year and beyond.