Learning can happen from anywhere with the right set of tools. Whether you’re a school leader looking to bring together learning resources or an educator looking to bring out the best in your students, Microsoft Teams puts your classroom tools into one powerful platform.

Here are a few of the ways Teams can help bring your classroom together.

Expanded access to Blackboard and Canvas capabilities 

To create a more seamless experience within Teams, users can easily access learning management systems (LMS), including Blackboard and Canvas. On both platforms, educators can create a class team based on each LMS course enrollment roster and take advantage of enhanced navigation between Teams and Blackboard or Canvas courses. 

Use Firefly and FluidMath to create rich, dynamic class content

Teachers are always looking to organize and structure their learning resources more effectively and efficiently. Firefly makes it easier for educators to create, structure, and organize classroom management tools right within Teams. FluidMath enables users to move seamlessly between handwritten or typed mathematical expressions and representations such as graphs, tables, and animations, all of which can be helpful for presentations, real-time collaborations, self-grading assessments, and more. 

Save time with simplified navigation

Educators can now easily access their classroom tools—including Assignments, Grades, Class Notebook, and Insights—from any channel within a class team. You can still also customize and add tabs and apps to your General channel and any other channel you create, but the new time-saving option allows for improved function and more personalization. 

Microsoft Teams for Education interface showing navigation.

Improve student engagement and emotional well-being 

With Education Insights now automatically added to every class team, educators have easier access to the data they need to understand if students' emotional, social, and academic needs are being met. To help capture class engagement over time, educators can use the new Reflect report in Education Insights to gauge trends and identify opportunities for supporting students’ social and emotional development.

Create custom Together Mode scenes

Now, your school’s IT admins and developers can create custom Together Mode scenes that produce virtual environments as unique as your classroom. These virtual spaces help create a shared online environment that makes students feel a sense of inclusion, belonging, and community—no matter where they are learning from. IT admins and developers can learn more about building custom scenes here

Discover more ways your classroom can come together in Teams by checking out the latest features and updates. And if you haven’t tried Teams yet, click here to sign up and get started for free.