As classrooms buzz with back-to-school energy, it’s a great time to look at new ways to help teachers and students succeed. Whether you’re looking to organize your virtual classroom in Microsoft Teams or incorporate additional social-emotional learning tools and techniques into your students’ daily lives, Microsoft Education’s learning management system (LMS) partners can help you build a more engaged and connected classroom. 

Here are two LMS partner solutions built on Microsoft Azure to help you get started.

Firefly on Teams

A red icon with the word Firefly next to it.

If you’re looking for a tool to help structure teaching in the classroom and beyond, Firefly on Teams can get you started quickly and easily. 

Firefly on Teams is designed to help teachers save time and better support their students. It has two apps that allow educators to create, structure, and organize curriculums, as well as manage classes, all in one place. 

Firefly Curriculum app

With drag and drop resources, embedded audio and video files, and extensive partnerships with third-party tools, Firefly Curriculum gives more time back to students and teachers by bringing curriculum resources together inside Teams. 

Firefly’s content management system helps teachers create and share rich content libraries with their students. The app allows teachers to work within their existing course structures and reuse the content year after year.

Firefly Seating Plan

The Firefly Seating Plan app makes it easy to create and edit seating charts and share them with other teachers without leaving Teams. Educators can leverage classroom tools like student picker, countdown timer, and group creator while keeping important information about individual students at their fingertips—all within Teams.


A blue icon with the word Edsby next to it.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Edsby LMS for K-12 features a broad set of capabilities in a single application, including assessment and reporting, timesaving tools for educators and parents, and innovative analytics.

As remote and hybrid learning continue in many classrooms, social-emotional learning is more important than ever. For the fall 2021 school year, Edsby has introduced new social-emotional check-ins as part of its LMS. The new feature, which is focused on student well-being, lets students choose from animated icons, color-coded by intensity level. These emotion options are tailored by grade level and are accompanied by age-appropriate regulation strategies curated by experts.

This allows teachers see the emotions their students are experiencing, and then monitor patterns and trends over time. More importantly, educators can engage students and take actions according to their school and district protocols. 

The Edsby Social Emotional Check-In system was designed by academic experts through an exclusive partnership with MindUP, a nonprofit founded by Goldie Hawn, that is dedicated to improving children’s emotional wellbeing. 

Whether you want to up your game on social-emotional learning or just get better organized, Microsoft Education partners can help. Learn more about these innovative Education partner solutions here.