A day in the life of an educator is…unpredictable. 

It’s loud, usually messy,

and sometimes frenzied. 

It’s filled with emotion, moments of connection, and tough questions. (Why don’t bugs have eyebrows?)

It can be frustrating, and fulfilling,

but it’s never, ever boring. 

Over the past year, people in every corner of the world have witnessed the herculean efforts educators have made to keep their students learning. Those of us watching are completely in awe, continually inspired – and all asking the same question. 

How do you do it?

If we didn’t know any better, we might wonder how you keep pivoting quickly, leading by example, and lifting each other up through all the highs and lows. But we know you, teachers – and we know it’s just what you do. 

This World Teachers’ Day, we want to thank you for doing it all, day in and day out. Because all the little things you do – the work that’s rarely seen, scored, or rewarded – is what makes our world brighter, our communities stronger, and our students stand a little taller.