Today marks the launch of registration and content availability for the third annual Imagine Cup Junior, an exciting opportunity for students to learn about technology and how it can be used to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Imagine Cup Junior helps students build skills in technology concepts that will help them in their future learning and in the workforce.

Last year’s challenge drew thousands of student participants and recognized 10 global winners who came up with incredible projects to address Microsoft’s AI for Good initiatives. In 2022, we are excited to see even more students participate and learn the impact that technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cybersecurity can have on the world.

What is Imagine Cup Junior?

Imagine Cup Junior 2022 is a global challenge open to students aged 13-18 to empower them to learn about technology and develop a concept or idea to make a difference in their local community and the world around them. It’s a great introduction to technology for students and hopes to inspire students to gain appreciation and insight into new concepts. 

Imagine Cup Junior registration 

Participation in Imagine Cup Junior is through a Team Leader (such as an educator, instructor, parent, or guardian over the age of 18. The 2022 challenge is open for registration now!

Imagine Cup Junior resource pack 

Once registered for Imagine Cup Junior, Team Leaders can access all the resources needed to educate students and run a great Imagine Cup Junior challenge. These resources include:

  • Beginner’s kit: All-inclusive kit with six 45min lessons, student guides, submission template, judging criteria and rubric. 
  • Deep learning modules: In-depth content across six technology modules to supplement the beginners kit for more advanced learning including Intro to AI, Machine Learning, AI Applications in Real Life, Deep Learning and Neural Networks, AI for Good and Cybersecurity. 
  • Team Leader toolkit: Student certificates, social templates, posters, and more to utilize throughout the challenge. 
  • Judging criteria and rubric

Team Leaders can also access on-demand AI webinars to help further understand best practices for running Imagine Cup Junior and facilitate additional learning for students. 

How do students submit their projects?

After going through the materials available in the resource pack, students form teams of one through six and brainstorm ideas to leverage technology to help make a positive difference to the world around them, aligned to the Microsoft AI for Good Initiatives—Health, Cultural Heritage, Earth, Accessibility and Humanitarian Action. Students produce a concept in the Imagine Cup Junior PowerPoint template and submit (via their team leader) to the website platform. 

Submissions for 2022 close May 12, 2022. 

Get started with Imagine Cup Junior today!

  • Register today! 
  • Download the resource pack. 
  • Incorporate the resources into class curriculum and lesson plans. 
  • Get students into teams of one through six to develop their idea and build their concept in the PowerPoint submission template. 
  • Submit projects by May 12, 2022, via the Imagine Cup Junior website
  • Celebrate teams who are crowned global challenge winners, to be announced June 9, 2022. 

Team Leaders and students don’t need any background in technology—we’ve made every aspect of Imagine Cup Junior accessible to beginner levels in bite-sized modules by technology area. We can’t wait to see what ideas students come up with to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges!