For the last eight years, Microsoft E2 | Education Exchange has brought education changemakers together from around the globe. They collaborate on teaching and learning strategies, share solutions that impact student outcomes, get energized by inspirational speakers, and network with other educators and school leaders. With the ongoing pandemic, we continue to host this incredible event online with our MIE Experts, Showcase Schools, and Leaders in Digital Transformation of Education.

This year, E2 2022 will focus on bringing our communities together to take a deep breath, acknowledge how far we’ve come, and reconnect with each other and our common purpose. This year’s event includes inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking research, innovative practices, collaboration, and solution showcases. Most of our breakout sessions will be led by current MIE Experts and Showcase school leaders. Winners of the global Tech for Good Challenge will be announced on the final day.

Our keynotes will feature Martin Luther King III who will open the event with a message on leading through change. Also, our own community members will demonstrate how they are using Microsoft tools for improved student outcomes. On day two, Karol Ilagan, a Filipino journalist and a journalism educator will talk about the connection between educators and journalists and how they both play crucial roles in helping the next generation of leaders understand the importance of sustainability. Participants will get an exclusive session with our top Microsoft Education executives about where education is going and what Microsoft is doing to empower leaders and educators to tackle current challenges and opportunities. Each day is also filled with 10-12 live breakout sessions led by our community members on top-of-mind topics in education and innovative approaches to increase student learning outcomes.

For a chance to be a part of this incredible community, become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert or have your school join the Showcase Schools Program. Here’s how to start:

We invite all educators to join the Microsoft Learn Educator Center where you’ll find on-demand professional development and training courses! We will also post the keynotes of this event for everyone to enjoy in the weeks following E2.

Then, beginning on March 15, 2022, we are launching the Educator Skills Challenge in Learn. Get together with colleagues, create a team, and join the fun! Between March 15 and April 17, 2022, you and your team will have a collection of modules in the Learn Educator Center to work to complete. Winning teams will receive a set of fun digital swag!

Once you have completed at least two modules from the Learn Educator Center, you can work toward becoming a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE). Nominations will be open from May 15–July 7, 2022.

If your school is on a journey of digital transformation, consider joining the Showcase Schools program to benefit from the support of Microsoft, its partners, and a community of worldwide school leaders on the same journey as you.

Watch last year’s E2, available on-demand.