Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 

Dorien has a video pep talk to bring you a smile and say thank you:

Each year we look forward to this annual celebration that's during the first full week of May because it recognizes teachers and their invaluable contributions to students’ lives, education, and broader society.  

Teachers hold essential roles in their communities, and every aspect of what they do makes a meaningful difference. They educate future generations by using student-first technology and professional expertise to create high-quality learning environments where everyone can succeed. They also inspire students as mentors and role models.  

So, this week provides a dedicated opportunity for students, parents, and school principals to show their appreciation for all the hard work and many long hours teachers contribute. We also want to express our gratitude because we know that while rewarding, teaching can be challenging—especially in times of rapid change like these. The teaching community inspires us, and everything we do and create is driven by the needs of learners and the educators who teach them.  

Thank you, teachers, for everything that you do!