With the world changing faster than ever, the connections between students, educators, and other learning communities that support them have never been more essential.

That’s why we’re looking forward to seeing so many of you in person at ISTE 2022 from June 26 to June 29 in New Orleans and virtually. At Microsoft, our vision for education is to empower every student on the planet to achieve more. This year at ISTE, we will feature partners in the Microsoft booth that embody this spirit through our four pillars.

Pillar One: Accelerate Learning

Real-time data insights can accelerate learning and support career and workforce development. The following partners and their solutions are leading the way.


Beedle is designed for teachers to manage all aspects of their work, within one simple app, within Microsoft Teams. The app features tools and resources tailored to the modern educator’s daily needs, bringing powerful teaching and engaging functionality to Microsoft Teams. It helps educators save time, engage more easily with parents, and support their students’ overall success—all through a single, familiar platform.  

Canva for Education makes it easy to create, collaborate, and communicate visually in the classroom and beyond. It’s 100% free for K-12 teachers and their students. Canva also integrates with Teams and has a large collection of editable Flipgrid backgrounds and frames.

Classter is designed to allow educational institutions to manage student data in an all-in-one school and learning management solution. Its cloud-based architecture provides flexibility for hybrid learning environments and different modes of teaching.

ClickView uses leading industry technology, innovative curation, data, and customer insights to transform learning experiences through video. Students and teachers can access visually stunning, curriculum-aligned video content and an interactive interface for questions and assessments.

Dugga is an all-in-one assessment platform for teachers. It has exams, tests, quizzes, and assignments all in one place so that teachers can create, schedule, and grade exams seamlessly. With Dugga, schools can provide equal assessment opportunities, which is crucial for every student’s learning process.

Edword from EasyCorrect is an online toolbox that makes feedback on written work more engaging. It transforms the way students learn and work while helping teachers save time. Teachers can follow students’ progress, learn about how their students’ time is spent and engage with them through comments.

EdPuzzle’s “make any video your lesson” allows educators to personalize videos, and then provides them with real-time data insights about formative assessment items embedded in videos. Teachers can share their videos via Microsoft Teams and can use the video on group calls. They can also access the embedded screen recorder, which enables them to record videos and then immediately edit them.

Impero’s suite monitors every device to safeguard students, prevent harmful and malicious content, and keep them productive online. Impero Classroom is fully embedded in Microsoft Teams, allowing teachers to monitor student activity and provide resources and support in real-time while also taking advantage of all Teams features in a single interface.

Kami is an interactive learning platform that empowers educators to teach, provide feedback, and assess students in a real-time collaborative experience. With Kami, teachers and students work in tandem using a wide range of annotation and multimedia tools compatible with any web browser. And because of its Teams integration and OneDrive Single Sign-on (SSO), Kami expands the teacher toolkit with ease.

Mindsets accelerates collaboration and student success in math with Microsoft SSO to help students get started quickly. Microsoft Immersive Reader initiates collaboration across many languages so that it can help all students be successful.

Nurture helps teachers create personalized feedback informed by pedagogical frameworks without requiring them to dig into the research themselves. It guides them through high quality, formative feedback, and assessment. For students, better feedback leads to more engagement and improved learning outcomes.

Territorium is developed to help students prepare for the careers they want. It helps administrators identify and track student competencies, skills, proof of learning, and outcomes, as well as jobs and career pathways that match these skills profiles.

ThingLink helps create personalized learning experiences that are proven to improve student outcomes. Teachers can track engagement on all learning materials, videos, virtual tours, and educational research. ThingLink scenes can also be embedded in Microsoft PowerPoint O365 with ThingLink for PowerPoint Add-In.

Pillar Two: Foster Well-being

Well-being, including emotional well-being, directly affects students' motivation, engagement, and learning. The following partners focus on the mental health of students and deliver easily implementable solutions. 

Attender is a groundbreaking way for teachers to mark attendance. It uses gamification to motivate students to attend class. With a recently released Teams integration, Attender can automatically mark students’ attendance while they’re learning online. 

eCare Vault’s Safe Spaces application allows educators and school staff to support student mental health through a privacy-compliant collaboration workspace directly from Microsoft Teams. At its core, eCare Vault provides personalized pathways that increase mental well-being, engaged learning and productivity.  

Districts and schools across the world are rapidly adopting Microsoft Teams to facilitate remote and hybrid learning. Lightspeed Systems is here to help ensure that learning within the platform is safe and effective. Lightspeed Alert™ and Lightspeed Classroom Management™ fully integrate with Microsoft Teams to empower district leaders and educators with the visibility, actionable insights, and tools needed to ensure student safety and engagement while learning, whether hybrid or remote.

Natterhub teaches K-6 students the soft skills that underpin positive digital citizenship. The app prepares students to thrive online by using a gated space where soft skills can be applied, tracked, and assessed. Natterhub is aligned to the curriculum with more than 350 interactive lessons and activities.

Pear Deck is designed to support proven strategies in daily classroom instruction, making it easy for teachers to follow best practices that reduce achievement gaps and improve outcomes for all students. The Pear Deck ecosystem works with Office 365 logins, PowerPoint Online, and integrates with Teams.  

Senso.Cloud is an all-in-one software for network, classroom, safeguarding, monitoring, and asset management. It supports Microsoft Teams chats and uses extensive keyword libraries to support well-being and safety related to issues such as bullying, self-harm, weapons and violence, drugs, extremism, and more. Senso’s software also has built-in AI that supports image analysis to identify threats and changes by using simple and quick e-discovery.

School Day improves students’ well-being and social-emotional learning (SEL) by asking them questions about their well-being, then analyzing the data and providing real-time insights. It highlights what’s going well in the classroom and provides easily implementable solutions. Whether in a single classroom or at the school and district levels, School Day helps students and educators around the world understand how well-being improves learning outcomes. When students feel good, they learn better.

Soundtrap enables students and teachers to capture their creativity, use their voice, and choose their pathways for creative projects. It not only supports student engagement, but also enhances the social-emotional learning experience by empowering students to make authentic choices about how they demonstrate their knowledge. Soundtrap works in collaboration with Microsoft Reflect to highlight how music and podcasting can be positive and proactive coping tools for SEL challenges.

Pillar Three: Inclusively Designed

Every student deserves the resources and support they need to reach their full potential. Tools that are inclusively designed are key to this pillar, and the following partners are exemplary in their support.

Antares amplifies the teaching and learning experience on Teams by engaging students and teachers in discussions beyond the classroom material and encouraging knowledge sharing through questions and answers. Teachers can proactively schedule content throughout the term to engage students in discussions. 

BookWidgets is a content creation and evaluation tool for teachers. With BookWidgets, teachers can create more than 40 interactive exercises and auto-graded assignments with over 35 different question types. All teachers from all courses can easily use BookWidgets by using the Microsoft Teams integration. This integration enables teachers to follow student progress in real time when they are working on a BookWidgets assignment so that they can quickly guide their students in the right direction when they need help. 

The PebbleGo Create (with Buncee) platform lets students of all abilities access thousands of informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports. With Buncee’s creator tool, students are empowered to choose how they would like to document and demonstrate their knowledge acquisition. Access to video, audio, graphics, text, drawing, and photos within the safe and easy-to-use platform offers students the option to create using whatever medium they’re most comfortable with.

Flat for Education is an intuitive and engaging tool for music teachers and students. Users can create scores, write, collaborate on projects, and much more. Educators can organize classes, grade assignments, and provide instant feedback. Flat helps music educators save time and focus on what matters most: teaching.

Haldor believes all students should have the same possibilities to learn–and that’s why Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is seamlessly integrated into all of Haldor’s solutions. The learning tool can be used by students in their plans, assignments, news, messages to and from the teacher, and more. It is also available for parents and caregivers to help with homework, view assignments, and learn about school news. Haldor and immersive reader enable students to read—regardless of their ability and language knowledge.

InPlace Network transforms the laborious, intensive, and time-consuming manual processes of managing student placement into a streamlined workflow. The InPlace solutions offer extensive student-friendly features including placement applications, roster maintenance, communication with supervisors and placement coordinators, timesheets, surveys, payments, and much more. InPlace Network ensures that students feel extremely supported throughout their placement experience.

ITWorkx Education learning platform allows access to learning resources and material from different publishers and sources through one gateway and with a seamless experience. All student activities are tracked and recorded in the Learning Record Store, allowing insights and intelligence to enhance student learning experiences. Teachers and faculty can develop their skills through the platform’s deep integration with Microsoft Learn.

NEO by Cypher Learning is an intelligent learning platform (ILP) used by schools and universities worldwide. It’s known for delivering a great user experience by making learning engaging and inclusive while incorporating all the essential tools that institutions need to support efficient teaching and learning. NEO helps schools manage all classroom activities, such as building and delivering educational materials, assessing students, tracking their progress, automating learning processes, and promoting communication and collaboration between students and faculty.

Revisely aims to make qualitative education accessible to as many students as possible in the world. Teachers save time correcting and can give more insightful feedback through the tool, helping students become more efficient learners. And Revisely provides school management with clear insight into the reporting and benchmarking tools.  

Snapplify helps educators, students, and parents use technology, work smarter, and achieve educational success. Snapplify Engage is an e-learning platform that has everything in one place, providing schools with user and content management tools, digital library functionality, resource sharing, teacher empowerment tools, assessment tools, and reporting and analytics tools.At the core of Toucan’s product ecosystem is one simple idea: empathy. Toucan has more than 600,000 monthly active learners from all over the world, most of whom are students seeking to learn a new language. And because what works for one student or teacher may not work for another, Toucan focuses on building inclusive features and expanding to platforms such as Microsoft Edge. Toucan aims for as many students as possible to have access to a high-quality, easy-to-use, low-cost learning tool.

Whiteboard.chat is an online interactive digital notebook that brings together educators and learners from around the globe. Students can join Whiteboard.chat classes directly from Microsoft Teams and OneNote. Each student gets their own whiteboard notebook where teachers’ instructions and teaching materials are replicated. However, students cannot see each other’s work. And because teachers have a bird's eye view of all students’ notebooks in real-time, students can always signal if they need help, and then receive personalized attention.

Pillar Four: Secure & Future-proof IT

Solutions that are secure, future-proof, and trustworthy are essential to unlocking digital transformation. 

classroom.cloud is a cloud-based app. It provides teaching tools, classroom management, online safety resources, and an IT management solution. The app helps schools implement blended learning with both in-school and remote students. Supporting multiple platforms (including Windows 11 and 11 SE–perfect for a Microsoft 365 cloud environment) and a full mix of devices, it helps to future-proof your school. It starts with Microsoft Student Data Sync and SSO to quickly create classes and manage student data with ease. Teachers have a clear view of all their students’ screens and can monitor, collaborate, assess, and control activity. From locking students’ screens to controlling and launching websites or apps, teachers can shepherd and nurture teaching and learning, while maximizing lesson time. 

Create more effective, engaging, and safer learning with GoGuardian Admin and GoGuardian Teacher in Windows environments. Whether students are working in a classroom or from afar, GoGuardian for Windows devices helps school leaders create educational environments where every student can thrive. GoGuardian is a Student Privacy Pledge signatory and provides schools control of their students' data consistent with Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), and all other applicable state laws.

Find Microsoft Education Partners to help transform your classrooms. And if you’re at ISTE 2022, come see us!