A recent 2022 report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed a decline in average reading scores since 2019. Educators have been met with increasing pressure to accelerate learning for all students, who often arrive in classrooms with varying levels of proficiency. Microsoft’s Learning Accelerator suite of tools provides schools with the solutions and educational expertise they need to positively impact academic, social, and emotional growth for all learners.

Microsoft believes that student agency is a key aspect in helping students catch up, keep up, and get ahead, and Reading Coach in Immersive Reader, a solution within Microsoft’s Learning Accelerator suite of tools, helps create practice opportunities for all learners specific to their needs.

Differentiating for all learners

Microsoft Reading Coach in Immersive Reader uses differentiated tools and personalized feedback to support all learners’ reading proficiency and build agency. Coupled with Immersive Reader’s read aloud functionality and translation tools, as well as grammar tools and picture dictionary to support fluency and comprehension, Reading Coach offers real-time support and guidance. This allows educators to individualize instruction for more students and provides students opportunities to independently practice reading out loud outside of Reading Progress assignments.

Reading Coach, now in Immersive Reader

Students can select any reading passage they would like to practice in Microsoft 365 apps by selecting the Immersive Reader icon, then selecting Reading Coach in the options menu. They can then record themselves reading and Reading Coach will provide a high-level report on accuracy and reading speed and then an opportunity to practice the words they struggled with.

Reading Coach in Immersive Reader is available across a variety of Microsoft 365 applications, including Word online, OneNote, Teams, Forms and Flip, to remove barriers to assistive tools and supports.

Building student agency

Students can also receive personalized feedback after reading independently with Reading Coach in Immersive Reader. As students read a passage of their choice out loud, Reading Coach listens to them and provides a brief report that helps students track their progress by analyzing their accuracy, correct words per minute, and time spent reading. Students are also provided with words to practice from the text that were challenging.

The built-in support features and practice frees up educators’ time to work with more students. Likewise, the tool allows students to track progress towards their reading goals and take ownership in their own learning. Parents can also encourage students to read at home and upload passages for practice. Students can view their reading progress firsthand and reflect upon their practices to build agency.

“It’s really created this place where students can improve their reading, but they’re the ones setting those goals. They really have agency here and the locus of control centers on the student and their reflective practices, rather than on me, the teacher, to determine what my students need.” - Emily Abrams, Teacher, Kent School District, Washington

Growing family partnerships

Research has shown that when educators and families partner together, academic achievement and social development are enhanced. Not only does Reading Coach in Immersive Reader provide learners with reading support anywhere and anytime, both inside and outside of school, but it also allows educators to share reading progress data with families. A graph produced over time provides families and educators with an entry point to form a team to better support the student’s unique needs.

Progress graph shows student reading progress over time

Using Reading Coach in Immersive Reader, educators can provide differentiated support for all learners within one platform while learners use real-time feedback to build agency as they enhance their reading proficiency.   

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