Of the more than 7 billion people on earth today, 1 in 5 of them are dyslexic. Understanding Dyslexic Thinking skills—creativity and inventiveness—are fundamental to the fabric of the future.

Dyslexic thinking is an approach to problem solving, assessing information, and learning. Research tells us that dyslexic thinkers have the exact skills needed for the workplace of today, including:

  • Leadership and social influence
  • Creativity
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • Emotional intelligence

As an official sponsor, Microsoft is excited to announce the second World Dyslexia Assembly taking place on April 3, 2023, at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City. We are thrilled to partner with Made By Dyslexia to bring together an alliance of global game-changers to showcase how we can all help schools and workplaces to enable Dyslexic Thinking to thrive.

The power of Dyslexic Thinking

This year’s World Dyslexia Assembly theme is “Celebrating the limitless power of Dyslexic Thinking.” New York City mayor Eric Adams, along with New York City Public Schools, will help host the event. In addition, the Assembly will feature many inspirational speakers, including celebrities, spies, space scientists, sports stars, as well as other special guests. Through the power of storytelling, each person will share how Dyslexic Thinking has helped them to personally do remarkable things.

In addition, Microsoft’s own Deirdre Quarnstrom, Vice President of Education Experiences will be speaking in the assembly’s Future of Education panel. Kate Griggs, Made By Dyslexia founder and CEO, will lead the panel of education game-changers and ask how we create a school system where Dyslexic Thinking is empowered and how we teach every child to think like a dyslexic. The panel will also explore the incredible and positive impact AI will have for Dyslexic Thinkers.

100,000 educators trained

While Dyslexic Thinking skills are recognized by the World Economic Forum, many are not spotted or supported in schools. Findings in Made By Dyslexia’s report, “The School Report” reveal that over half of schools globally fail to understand dyslexic challenges. Also, only 1 in 10 teachers have a strong grasp of dyslexic strengths, leaving 80% of dyslexic learners with support that is only average, poor, or non-existent.

Thanks to Mayor Eric Adams and his team, New York City (NYC) is leading the world in harnessing the limitless potential of Dyslexic Thinking in every school. NYC is the first city in the world to train every educator to spot, support, and empower every learner with dyslexia.

Educators can learn more about dyslexia awareness and teaching using free and engaging self-paced online training on Microsoft Learn. These training modules, used to train all 100,000 NYC educators, feature dyslexia experts from world-leading schools and offer tried-and-true methodologies for dyslexic learners. NYC’s program for schools also includes structured literacy, dyslexia screening, and dyslexia specialist support pilots.

Microsoft’s Learn Dyslexia workshop

In support of the World Dyslexia Assembly, we are bringing together a select group of 60-70 NYC educators committed to championing students with dyslexia and inspiring educators to be allies for dyslexia. The workshop will build off the content in the Microsoft Learn Dyslexia training modules: Dyslexia Awareness, Dyslexia Teaching, and Dyslexia and Technology. It will include dyslexia experts and special guest speakers, founder of Made By Dyslexia, Kate Griggs, and Chair of the International Dyslexia Association, Josh Clark.

Following the in-person workshop, educators will have time to implement and share training in the classroom and among their peers, with a follow-up webinar provided prior to the end of the school year to share learnings, best practices, and recommendations. The dyslexia cohort will also have access to a Microsoft Teams channel to access the latest resources, questions, and answers with dyslexia experts, and to share with their peers.

Get started creating more inclusive learning environments

Start your journey with the free online dyslexia training on Microsoft Learn.

In the Dyslexia Awareness training module, you will learn how to spot, support, and empower learners with dyslexia in the classroom:

The Dyslexia Teaching training module provides strategies to transform teaching and learning across subject areas:

And finally, the newest module, Dyslexia and Technology, offers opportunities to explore tech tools to support learners through building on their strengths, as well as supportive technology to mitigate challenges learners with dyslexia often face.

You can also explore Made By Dyslexia’s resources for teachers.

Learn more about how Microsoft Education solutions support and help learners with dyslexia thrive through these customer stories.

Join us and Made By Dyslexia in creating a more inclusive world that embraces those who think differently!