Technology has become an integral part of education, with students relying on various devices to access resources, collaborate with peers, and engage in learning activities. However, with the increased reliance on technology comes the heightened risk of cyber threats. This can put student data and privacy at stake, not to mention the broader school system where students connect. 

Education remains a constant target for bad actors, with nearly 80% of malware encounters occurring in education.1 While student devices may not always have personally identifiable information (PII) on them, they are critical to protect as they have become a common way attackers can access the broader school community and critical systems. Recognizing the importance of ensuring a safe and secure learning environment, Microsoft is excited to announce a highly discounted, comprehensive endpoint protection solution for students.  

At Microsoft, we understand the critical role that technology plays in education and are committed to empowering educators, administrators, and students with the tools they need to succeed. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 – Students delivers enhanced device protection that shields students’ devices from phishing, malware, and other attacks. By integrating advanced cybersecurity measures that work in concert with Microsoft 365 and other classroom applications, we’re taking proactive steps to mitigate risks and ensure a secure learning environment for everyone.  

A student sitting at a desk in a classroom and using a digital pen to do an assignment on a laptop.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 – Students delivers enhanced device protection that shields students’ devices from phishing, malware, and other attacks.

Build secure and seamless experiences across every device

Safeguarding student devices against malicious activity has never been more crucial and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 – Students is here to help.  

  • Comprehensive threat detection and prevention: Our cutting-edge technology employs advanced threat detection algorithms to identify and neutralize potential cyberthreats in real-time. Whether it’s malware attempting to infiltrate the system or a phishing attack targeting sensitive data, our platform is equipped to thwart attacks before they cause harm.  
  • Automatic attack disruption: Interrupt an attack in progress by automatically containing compromised assets that an attacker is using. By limiting movement early on, you can reduce the overall impact of an attack, from associated costs to loss of productivity, and keep security operations teams in complete control of investigating, remediating, and bringing assets back online.  
  • Secure web browsing: With students accessing a myriad of online resources, it’s essential to provide a secure browsing experience. Our platform includes robust web content filtering capabilities to block malicious websites and prevent students from inadvertently exposing themselves to harmful content.  
  • Data encryption and privacy protection: Protecting student data is paramount. That’s why our platform uses industry-leading encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive information stored on student devices. From personal documents to login credentials, rest assured that data privacy is our top priority.  
  • Remote device management: In the event of a lost or stolen device, administrators can remotely track, lock, or wipe the device to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. This added layer of security ensures that even if a device falls into the wrong hands, the risk of data breach is minimized.  
  • Continuous monitoring and updates: Cyberthreats are constantly evolving, which is why Defender for Endpoint P2 – Students undergoes continuous monitoring and updates to stay ahead of emerging threats. From security patches to software updates, we’re committed to keeping your devices protected against the latest vulnerabilities.  

These advanced device security features are bolstering Microsoft 365 Education A5, a platform that couples future-proof security with tools that simplify the management of devices to maximize the teaching, learning, and work experience for everyone in your organization. We’re empowering schools to create a safe and conducive learning environment where students can thrive without the fear of cyberthreats looming overhead. Moreover, by safeguarding student devices, we’re not only protecting individual learners but also ensuring the overall security and integrity of the entire school ecosystem. Microsoft 365 Education A5 enables you to build secure and seamless experiences across every device with solutions that are optimized to connect across your existing tools, apps, and platforms.

A student sitting at a desk in a classroom wearing headphones and working on an assignment on a laptop. Two other students are working on laptops in the background.

With Microsoft 365 Education A5, you can create safe experiences on every device with solutions that are designed to integrate with your existing tools, apps, and platforms.

Defend devices and data with confidence

In hopes of preventing catastrophic attacks, many schools and districts have devoted extensive time and resources implementing duplicate tech solutions that ultimately interfere with the daily activities of teachers, students, and support staff. With the introduction of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 – Students as an enhancement to the Microsoft 365 Education A5 platform, institutions have the opportunity to simplify their institution’s security solution, with one world-class security platform.   

Confidently defend connected devices and data with industry-leading standards that put the digital security, privacy, and compliance needs of your students, educators, academics, faculty, and staff at the forefront. By reducing the risk of cyberthreats, we enable educators to focus on what they do best: educating. With fewer disruptions caused by security incidents, teachers can devote more time and resources to delivering high-quality instruction, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for students.  

Dedicated protection of student devices is just one example of our ongoing commitment to advancing education through technology. Now more than ever, it's imperative to embrace the power of innovation while making it as easy and affordable as possible to extend the best protection to our students. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as we continue to evolve our offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of the education community. Together, we can build a safer, more resilient learning environment for students everywhere.  

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