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How I made OneNote Class Notebook the most versatile tool in my classroom

With this being my first year at a new school, I started exploring many platforms that I could use to set up a completely paperless classroom. I was looking for a platform that would allow me to communicate with students, administration and parents. It would have to allow real-time, class collaboration, oh, and it would have to let me give assignments, grade them and be super... Read more


How to personalize math with OneNote Class Notebooks

After looping up to fifth grade with my fourth graders, I wasted no time in figuring out their strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and interests. I knew these students as if they were my own family and I wanted to make this year even better than the last. Math has always been a passion of mine, but it's a subject that so many students hate. Knowing that, of course, makes me the... Read more


How to make adaptive learning activities in OneNote

Like many other educators, I fell in love with OneNote after using it in my class. Drawn into the endless possibilities and instant access to my work, and that of my students, I started simply by taking notes and sharing content with my class. Eventually, I grew into creating lesson plans and using it as a simple diary, so students would know what we had covered in each... Read more


How OneNote is key to learning in my music classroom

There is a notion among music educators that our courses are some of the most difficult to merge well with technology in the classroom learning environment. School music classes are traditionally performance-based, with the primary learning goal hinged on a student improving their individual instrument play in the context of a large ensemble. In this blog post, I would like to... Read more

5 Ways to Assess in OneNote

5 Ways to assess your students in OneNote

It’s reporting time in Australia. It’s a period marked by late nights, long weekends and extraneous amounts of coffee. No teacher likes this time of term. When I first started teaching, I remember dragging home my box of assessments to mark. Not great on the back. The great news for teachers now is that conducting assessments with the help of OneNote can save your back... Read more