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Multi-forest and multi-tenant scenarios with Office 365

I have had several questions around multi-forest and multi-tenant questions from my education customers.  Here is a FAQ I put together: Can you have multiple forests with a single tenant? Yes, with FIM Connector for Office 365. Can you have one forest with multiple tenants? Yes, this is now supported as of recently.  You either have to use the FIM Connector for... Read more


Is there a way users can self-migrate from Google Apps Gmail into Office 365?

I get asked about how to migrate from Google Apps for Education to Office 365 Education every day from my education customers. There are several ways to do this: native Office 365 IMAP migration tools, 3rd party IMAP migration tools, 3rd party cloud based migration tools (if you also want to migrate Google calendar and contacts too), and now a new self-service email migration... Read more