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World’s Largest Lesson teaming up with Skype in the Classroom and the #TeachSDGs team to help students tackle Global Goals

What world do your students want in 2030? Instead of spending the first month of the year thinking about what we might give up, as many of us do traditionally, what if we took something up and set a new goal instead? The Global Goals for Sustainable Development have three clear aims: to eliminate poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle the threat of climate... Read more

Video for Thousands of students travel 23 million virtual miles over Skype to help children in need

Thousands of students travel 23 million virtual miles over Skype to help children in need

Through one of the world’s largest live connections of students at one time, Skype-a-Thon participants from 102 countries traveled a total of 23 million virtual miles in the span of two days. Thank you to all the classrooms and participants who invested so much of their time and creativity! It was truly amazing to see the energy and feel the power of classrooms connecting... Read more


The Innovation Project brings together 460 schools across 85 countries to solve global issues

If you joined our #MSFTEduChat recently (get caught up here), in which we discussed the global movement to #TeachSDGs (the UN's Sustainable Development Goals), you may be looking for more ways to inspire your students and put them on a path to make the world better. A new global project by Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Koen Timmers invites you and your school to take... Read more


#MSFTEduChat TweetMeet goes multilingual to talk Sustainable Development Goals on April 17

If you and your students consider every skill a step toward building a better world, you're already equipped to help meet the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Set by the United Nations and leaders around the world, these 17 goals for 2030 ask for a bold collaboration between classrooms to support better education, gender equality, climate action, and more by the year... Read more


Celebrating International Mother Language Day

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to speak multiple languages and communicate across linguistic divides is a critical skill. Even partial knowledge of more than one language is beneficial. Proficiency in additional languages is a new kind of global literacy. Language learning needs to be expanded for all – young and old. Advances in machine translation... Read more

Microsoft Innovative Educator Koen Timmers speaking on stage.

This computer science teacher is bringing 250 schools together to learn about climate change

There’s a global issue currently at the top of mind for Koen Timmers, rising above the many projects you would expect one of the world’s top 50 teachers to be juggling. His latest labor of love is the Climate Action Project – a digital group project where 250 schools in 69 countries work together to learn about climate change. As they work on the project, students... Read more