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World’s Largest Lesson teaming up with Skype in the Classroom and the #TeachSDGs team to help students tackle Global Goals

What world do your students want in 2030? Instead of spending the first month of the year thinking about what we might give up, as many of us do traditionally, what if we took something up and set a new goal instead? The Global Goals for Sustainable Development have three clear aims: to eliminate poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle the threat of climate... Read more

Students holding up posters for each UN Sustainable Development Goal.

What the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals mean for your curriculum

When you’re dedicated to teaching children something positive and offering them hope for the future, something that encourages real action, you’re already taking the first, important steps to teaching the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.   What are the SDGs?   SDGs stands for “Sustainable Development Goals.” They are a set of 17 goals,... Read more

Two elephants gather near a tree at sunset.

How to bring the world to your students and support sustainable development

The United Nations is dedicated to promoting cooperation and collaboration at local and global levels, which means it’s fundamentally aligned with what we hope to achieve in modern education. Established in 1945, the UN has dedicated efforts to maintaining world peace, promoting human rights, and protecting the spaces of our world, including our environment. In 2015, the... Read more