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Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams: create and connect, all in one space

Collaboration is so important. So is individual focus time. With Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams, your students don't have to weigh one against the other. Check out how Class Notebook in Teams creates a centralized space for student engagement and rich content work: Psssst … don’t forget Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook are FREE for students and teachers as part of... Read more

Video for Unicorns and love: Why we celebrate student voice at Microsoft Education

Unicorns and love: Why we celebrate student voice at Microsoft Education

Ever wonder who makes those turn-in celebrations, like the unicorn sticker, pufferfish GIF, or ice cream cone, you see in Teams and OneNote? Meet the EDU Squad, a mighty corner of the Microsoft Education Product Team. These EDU creatives believe that when tech content can foster a true and visceral connection, students gain an amplified presence in the often-overwhelming... Read more


6 Ways to make assignments (and your school year) easier with Microsoft Teams

We know a lot of planning goes into each and every lesson, sequence, and unit that you teach. From daily reading to capstone projects, not a day goes by where you’re not checking to see if assignments have been turned in, answering questions about assignments, grading assignments, or just plain obsessing a little about assignments. Enter: Microsoft Teams. While there’s... Read more


How OneNote is key to learning in my music classroom

There is a notion among music educators that our courses are some of the most difficult to merge well with technology in the classroom learning environment. School music classes are traditionally performance-based, with the primary learning goal hinged on a student improving their individual instrument play in the context of a large ensemble. In this blog post, I would like to... Read more