BI Executive Forum 2011 – Sydney Melbourne and Canberra

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Over the next three weeks, we’re co-hosting three ‘BI Executive Forum‘ events with Oakton in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. It’s not specifically about Business Intelligence (BI) in Education, which means there will be opportunities to learn about the application of BI in various industries – and see how it applies to business intelligence in education. And possibly the best bit is that you don’t just hear about change from a technology perspective, but get to hear users talking about the business issues and the process changes that can be driven through better use of technology solutions. At the Sydney and Canberra event, this includes a speaker from the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

As John Brand, Vice President of the CIO Group at Forrester Research, puts it:

  Business intelligence is rapidly moving out of the domain of specialist practitioners and into the hands of ordinary users. But simply providing a platform for self-service reporting is unlikely to deliver the desired results. Organisations must recognise and understand the driving forces behind BI becoming a ubiquitous service. Moreover, organisational performance will increasingly be driven by those that successfully institutionalise the process of business intelligence throughout their organisation.  

The three BI Executive Forums each have a range of external speakers and an expert panel – including analysts and customers – with hosted interviews and Q&A session. John Brand and Mark Jones, Director of Filter Media, will moderate the panel, comprising senior corporate and government leaders. The panels change at each event, and include NSW Department of Education and Communities, Australian Taxation Office, Airservices Australia, Infigen Energy, Australian Leisure and Hospitality (ALH), Salta Properties and Reliance Petroleum.

The interactive Q&A session will offer the opportunity to be part of a thought leadership conversation around how to:

  • Use Business Intelligence and Business Analytics to drive organisational performance: better align resources, save money and drive corporate growth and innovation.
  • Identify bad data and access, analyse and provide the insight needed to monetise data.
  • Extract data and insights from your ERP systems and pre-existing platform investments.

The event is going to be of most value to senior leaders in universities, TAFEs and state education systems. It’s the kind of event that you’d expect to pay a steep entry fee for if it was run by a commercial conference company, but because of our sponsorship, this series is actually free to attend for executive leaders.

BI Executive Forum – Agenda

7:30am – 8:00am

Registration followed by hot breakfast

8:00am – 9:00am

Why Business Intelligence?
How Collaborative, Managed and Familiar capabilities enable business users today and will evolve in the future.

John Brand, Vice President of the CIO Group at Forrester Research

9:00am – 9:20am

Providing breakthrough insight across your organisation with Business Intelligence
Or, in Canberra, “Insight and Accountability —the Path to Government Transparency”

9:20am – 10:00am

Panel discussion and Q&A: Managing the data deluge to drive a culture of performance
Mark Jones will conduct keynote interviews before facilitating an interactive Q&A session:

  • Sydney: Infigen Energy and the NSW Department of Education and Communities.
  • Canberra: Australian Taxation Office, Airservices Australia, Infigen Energy and the NSW Department of Education and Communities
  • Melbourne: Australian Leisure and Hospitality (ALH), Salta Properties and Reliance Petroleum

BI Executive Forum – venues and dates

There are three events that you can sign up for:

Learn MoreMelbourne, 19th October, Microsoft offices in Freshwater Place – Register
Sydney, 20th October, Hilton Sydney in  George Street – Register
Canberra, 3rd November, National Portrait Gallery – Register