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Microsoft and Flipgrid unite to bring social learning to students around the world

On Monday, Microsoft announced the acquisition of video-based social learning platform Flipgrid, used in 180 countries by more than 20 million pre-kindergarten to Ph.D.-level educators, students and families. Like Office 365 Education software, Microsoft will also be making Flipgrid free for schools so it’s easy for any school to utilize the software. Customers... Read more

Welcoming Flipgrid to the Microsoft family

If you want to see what a movement looks like, search #FlipgridFever on Twitter, or walk into any classroom that's using Flipgrid. The enthusiasm radiating from Flipgrid’s community is a reflection of how the product began – in the classroom. Back in 2015, Dr. Charlie Miller, Jim Leslie and Phil Soran came together to envision a world where educators could recast the... Read more

Serbia’s New Technologies in Education event brings teachers together

In Serbia, the British Council’s New Technologies in Education event, run in partnership with Microsoft, has recently concluded its fifth year, bringing together educators, students, policy makers and more, with one key goal – to improve the quality of education through best practices and the use of technology. The conference brought together teaching and... Read more


How two teachers connected schools, languages and over 100 students for one big project

The following story comes from Alberto Herráez Velázquez (@alberto_hv) and Mario Herraez Velazquez (@mmarioherraez), two educators who took inspiration from a field trip to go big with a fun project that spanned several schools, classes and two language. A note from Alberto: I was born in Salamanca, a beautiful city in the west of Spain, in 1993. Currently, I live in... Read more

Create a Math Quiz in Microsoft Forms

Hey Math teachers, here is how Microsoft Forms can help you create quizzes for easier assessments! Create a Math type question In your web browser, navigate to, sign in with your O365 Education account and click New quiz to begin creating your quiz. Click Add question to add a new question to your quiz, and pick Choice or... Read more

Dictation comes to Office 365 and Immersive Reader gets support for Adverb highlighting

School’s Out for Summer but the Learning Never Ends As teachers know, students enter the classroom with a wide range of learning styles, experiences, and abilities, not to mention personalities! Providing multiple modes of expression helps every student communicate their ideas and connect with others - valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their personal... Read more