Markbook for Windows 8–a replacement for Mindtrail?

I’ve written before about Lucas Moffitt, and his Teacher Collection apps for Windows 8. As a reminder, Lucas has developed 9 different apps to help teachers with typical classroom tasks, like marking, lesson observation, creating curriculum resources and lessons etc.

Windows 8 Markbook TileHis latest app is Markbook for Windows 8, which teachers can use to create, evaluate and report on assessments. It lets teachers create a sophisticated marking rubric to use for both formative and summative assessment, and then allows teachers to create an assessment framework for either a single activity of a whole module or even a whole course, linked back to the institutional learning outcomes. The app captures assignment results at both student, groups and assessment criteria level.

The components of an assessment system

The components of Markbook can be organised in any order in an assessment overview, so that you can structure a linear decision-based flow as you mark.

  • Competence – Assess a student’s competence in a knowledge or skill area as competent or not yet competent
  • Selection – Create a custom dropdown selection list with rich or lean values and scores
  • Single Value – Provide a single value mark (ie attendance mark or ‘final’ mark)
  • Header – A custom label to help organise other components (also appears on reports)
  • Feedback – Provides a free text field to include any comments and feedback when evaluating an assessment

Once you’ve created your template, the actual assessment is as easy as tapping a screen, or clicking a mouse. And you can add extensive comments and feedback with a physical or on-screen keyboard.

Screenshot of Markbook, part of Teacher CollectionProviding quality feedback to students

And finally, after finishing up your assessments, you can then product class reports, individual student reports and reports for specific assessments. And you can bulk export the individual student reports as well as the aggregated reports – so you can provide quality feedback to students as well as generate your own summary reports.

Lucas got a great testimonial for his app from Dr Bret Slate at La Trobe University, who’s quoted on the Markbook page:

  Finally, someone has created an expert solution for student assessment and feedback. Markbook reduces assignment assessment time and student results’ administration by about 60%. Each evaluation of an assignment, test or project is as rich and as fresh as the last. Assessor fatigue is reduced and, most importantly, students are satisfied with both the comprehensive feedback and the clear assessment of their work.  

This isn’t just an app for teachers wanting to move from paper-based marking. It’s also for teachers looking to change from older, unsupported apps, eg as a replacement for Mindtrail.

Like the other apps in Lucas Moffitt’s Teacher Collection, the dual aims are to save teachers time, and to improve the quality of student interactions – in this case, by making it easier to provide quality feedback to students.

And the best bonus is that Lucas has created this app with a full-function trial version, so you can download it and work out whether it suits you, before having to find the $5 for it!

Learn MoreLearn more about Markbook on the Teacher Collection site