Experts share their diversity and inclusion practices through new Library of Experience

A student, wearing glasses and headphones, looks at a Windows device.

Inclusive education supports access and engagement for all children, regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability, health or medical condition. That’s exactly what Microsoft’s education mission aims to achieve, by empowering every student and teacher to do more. It’s why we’re so proud to announce the Library of Experience for Diversity and Inclusion, created together with the British Council.

Welcome help for teachers


Every student is unique and so is every classroom. Today’s teachers must address a multitude of student needs, from learning differences like dyslexia to diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Teachers can’t do this on their own.

The Library of Experience for Diversity and Inclusion is a community of educators, experts and partners that have mastered diversity and inclusion situations in the classroom. These experts have developed innovative, effective solutions to provide education policies and practices that address today’s challenges. Connecting through the library, you can communicate with these experts via Skype in the Classroom to learn what they did and why it worked.

The library – where you can “check out” resources digitally – features 28 diversity and inclusion themes vetted by experts, including ethnicity, bullying, gender, sexual orientation and refugee status.  Additionally, the library will soon link to organizations with special expertise that can provide Skype lessons on even more diversity and inclusion topics.

Pairing expert advice with technology can make a difference


Teachers are already using a variety of tools to make a difference in their classrooms. To address the broad range of reading and writing abilities in her class, Lauren Pittman of Georgia’s Holy Spring Elementary School uses OneNote Learning Tools:

And IS77, a middle school in Queens, New York, offers a 20-day English Language Arts summer program to help struggling students achieve literacy goals and move on to the next grade level. By using Microsoft Office 365 and OneNote, IS77 students are able to better engage with and understand the material, creating original presentations that demonstrate their mastery:

Inclusive learning tools from Microsoft


Microsoft offers a host of accessibility and assistive technology products to address vision, learning and mobility/dexterity impairments, as well as hearing and language impairments. From alternative input devices to keyboard filters and voice recognition, technology can play a critical role in ensuring that all students have access to a good education.

Whatever the learning challenges faced by your students, Microsoft is committed to helping you ensure that students of all abilities have every opportunity to learn critical 21st century skills.

Be sure to check out the Library of Experience for Diversity and Inclusion to learn more, and visit our Accessibility Guide for Educators to discover how to enhance learning with personal technology.

You can also sign up for a free online training class, Accessibility in Practice Using Microsoft Tools, Apps and Add-ins, to learn how Windows 10 and Office 2016 (including the Learning Tools add-in for OneNote) can personalize learning for all students.

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