More of your apps from Microsoft Education partners now integrate with and support classroom experiences

Our mission at Microsoft Education is to empower every student to achieve more. As we continue to deliver classroom-tailored solutions for Office 365 Education and Windows 10, we are excited to see even more of our partners supporting that cause seamlessly. This post provides a sample of independent partners now available for use in conjunction with Windows 10, Office 365 and other education products, to help you reap the benefits of Single Sign-On, improved security and more. Check back in this series regularly as we bring you the latest in partner integration examples and opportunities.

Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory:

Azure Active Directory (AAD) provides easy Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling easy and secure access to resources, among other things.Students, teachers and administrators can sign into their favorite applications using one password, saving time in the classroom and reducing complexity. The following solutions are now added to a growing list of apps that provide SSO with Azure AD:

A selection of apps that support Single Sign-On.

For a complete list of education solutions that support a secure single sign-on mechanism, please refer to the list here. Enable this useful in-app feature in your Office 365 Education tenant by following a few simple steps.

Deliver classroom-tailored apps with School Data Sync(SDS):

 Microsoft Education team has recently made School Data Sync available globally for schools and partners. SDS helps to automate the process of importing and integrating school Student Information System (SIS) data with Office 365 Education. App Developers can leverage Microsoft Office 365 school APIs to build applications that incorporate classroom data. Here are some of the featured applications:

  • Edmodo is one of the leading LMS solutions that takes learn experience beyond the classroom.
  • Teacher Dashboard provides a feature rich classroom/learning management tool.
  • Hall Monitor gives education professionals access to important student information anytime and anywhere, from any mobile device.
  • TiViTz is a strategy-based math game for students.

If you are a partner interested in consuming the roster data using SDS, at no extra cost, visit our dedicated page and connect with us.

OneNote Class Notebook:

 OneNote Class Notebook is loved by students and teachers and provides a rich set of teaching and learning scenarios. Over the past year, we have launched many new opportunities for partners, including:

  • Improvements to the OneNote APIs for app-only access: This allows partners and schools to create rich analytics dashboards and many other “visible learning” scenarios within OneNote Class Notebooks. Learn more by reading our recent blog announcement.
  • Class and Staff Notebook APIs: These APIs allow partners and school districts to automate the creation and updating of Class and Staff Notebooks.
  • Assignment and Grade Integration: Leverage the oft-requested power of Class Notebook through more than 35 LMS and SIS applications from our partners.
  • LTI Integration: In addition to assignment and grade integration, Class Notebook can be integrated with an LMS using the popular standard, LTI.

Here are some of the partner solutions supported by Class Notebook:

A selection of partner apps for Class Notebook.

Interested partners can reach out directly to the OneNote team at

Easy management for Windows 10 applications:

 Windows 10 applications, available through the Windows Store and Windows Store for Business, can be managed via the recently announced Intune for Education and the Set Up School PCs app. These are uniquely positioned to be easily administered by IT pros, used by educators and to drive student learning outcomes by leveraging and showcasing the strengths of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Education applications are offered through the Windows 10 store with a commitment to security and trust. Their rich graphics, media and integration with both Windows software and hardware bring immersive experiences to light. Start driving student outcomes with these already available Education applications:


Our partners above, and many more not highlighted here, showcase how Microsoft products provide a platform that seamlessly delivers the solutions requested by our education customers.  To help us continue to develop and provide you with the tools you need to drive education outcomes, please send us your feedback and suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Our mission at Microsoft is to equip and empower educators to shape and assure the success of every student. Any teacher can join our effort with free Office 365 Education, find affordable Windows devices and connect with others on the Educator Community for free training and classroom resources.

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