Measuring innovative teaching and learning: Introducing the School Transformation Survey

Students surrounding a teacher at a computer

Transforming teaching and learning to align with critical 21st century skills is a goal for many educators around the globe. Today’s learners need to develop cognitive and non-cognitive skills to create, collaborate, solve real-world problems, construct and represent knowledge in a range of ways, including digitally.

For school leaders, this means building teachers’ capacity to develop these skills in students through innovative teaching approaches.

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to empower every educator to do more, we have created the new School Transformation Survey to help schools begin their education transformation and to measure their progress.

The School Transformation Survey is a free, online survey that measures the perceptions of educators and leaders on the current state of innovative teaching practices in their schools or classrooms. It is a self-review and serves as an important first step in raising awareness of each school’s current state of transformation.

For one school in Ukraine, the survey has already made a difference:

“We used the Microsoft School Transformation Survey to measure innovation in our school in three key areas: student-centered pedagogy, extended learning beyond the classroom and ICT. [Comparing it with previous data] gave us a common understanding of innovative teaching practices and educational transformation to improve learning outcomes for our students, who need to be better prepared for life and work in the 21st century.” – Oleksandra Voychyshyn, Zalishchyky State Gimnasia, Ukraine.

Teacher and student use tools with metrics based upon the school transformation survey

The School Transformation Survey is based on a broader multinational study called Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research, sponsored by Microsoft and advised by UNESCO and OECD.

ITL’s goal was to develop tools for schools to measure and enhance innovative teaching and learning, and to ultimately better prepare students for life and work in the 21st century. The research from the ITL study examined factors that have been shown to have the strongest relationship with learning outcomes and innovative teaching practices, which includes the following three categories:

  • Student-centered pedagogies that offer opportunities for students to develop future skills
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom in ways most relevant to globalization and problem-solving in today’s world
  • The use of ICT, or Information and Communication Technology, to support learning

Additionally, The School Transformation Survey directly supports engagement with the 21CLD materials and coursework.

Join the Microsoft Educator Network and Access the School Transformation Survey.

To take part in the School Transformation Survey:

  1. You must be a member of the free Microsoft Educator Community.
  2. Next, the ‘Getting-Started’ Office Mix will walk you through the simple process to receive the promo-code to add the survey functionality to your profile.
  3. A unique survey link is then distributed to staff and school leaders.
  4. As the survey administrator, you can view the results live and, once the survey closes, you can access an aggregate report for sharing and analysis.

Learn where your school is in the School Transformation process today and find even more information on Microsoft School programs here.

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