TweetMeet on live-embedding content: Join #OneNoteQ on Apr. 4

Save the date for the next TweetMeet

The first Tuesday of the month is right around the corner, which means it’s time for another #OneNoteQ TweetMeet! Take part in our conversation by following along with #OneNoteQ on April 4th during both our 10:00am PDT and 4:00pm PDT sessions to learn, share, and ask the experts!

In this TweetMeet, we’ll be discussing how you can raise the bar in OneNote by live-embedding content to suit different learning needs. We’ll be hosted by six exciting educators for this topic: Lanny Watkins, Lidija Kralj, Vicent Gadea, Chhaya Narayan, Miguel Guhlin, and Cynthia Gozzard. You can meet them ahead of time through this multimedia Sway.

If you’re new to live-embedding content, check out the resource collection from our partner @OneNoteC to explore examples, guides, and more. If you’re eager to embed but don’t know where to start, or even if you’re an enthusiastic expert already, this TweetMeet is the one for you! We’re providing the questions in advance so you can prepare answers, examples, or share with a friend or colleague.

The OneNoteQ questions for April 4.


TweetMeet Questions:

  1. What excites you most about live-embeddable content in #OneNote?
  2. How does embedding in #OneNote promote personalized learning?
  3. Which live objects in #OneNote help your students use it interactively?
  4. How does interactive content in #OneNote enable a paperless classroom?
  5. Which ways of bringing content to #OneNote would you recommend, and why?
  6. How can embedding content in #OneNote help students of all abilities? #Accessibility
  7. Which type of interactive content should #OneNote support next?


Follow our hosts to see the #OneNoteQ TweetMeet unfold on April 4th and be sure to check out our channels @OneNoteEDU and @MicrosoftEdu for daily educator tips and resources.

The educator's hosting #OneNoteQ Tweetmeet on April 4.


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