TweetMeet on Personalized Learning: Join #OneNoteQ on Mar. 7

Save the date for the next TweetMeet, Mar. 7

Did purple cape envy bring you here, or are you just curious to learn more about OneNote? Either way, we’ve got a new TweetMeet for you! On March 7th at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST, we’ll explore Personalized Learning. Educators will also discuss how they’re using OneNote to improve student outcomes in class.

For this upcoming #OneNoteQ conversation, we’ll be honored to have six special Microsoft Innovative Educator hosts joining us from around the world:  Maria Petreska, Abdulkabeer Ishola, Shafaque Riaz, Kalpana Kishorekumar, Steven Payne and Randy Norman. Together, they will share how OneNote has allowed them to tailor learning techniques for their students.

OneNote can be a gateway to learning about the solar system.
OneNote can be a gateway to learning about the solar system.


If you’re still new to the benefits of using OneNote with your students, our online courses will help get you started. And if you’re familiar with OneNote but still craving more insight, check out this helpful resource collection containing all things OneNote. Our tools are built around educator feedback – so let us know how you’re making them work for you! You can favorite, reply, retweet (or any combination of those) to let us know how you’re using and liking OneNote.

We’ll be providing questions in advance to help you take your TweetMeet participation to the next level. You can curate your best tips and tricks or prepare resources to help other educators follow in your footsteps. Whether you’ll be tweeting out templates or simply gathering ideas, we can’t wait to see you there.

An animated gif showing the questions for the Mar. 7 TweetMeet

TweetMeet Questions:

  1. How would you explain Personalized Learning?
  2. How does #OneNote support different learning styles?
  3. In what ways does #OneNote facilitate student involvement in feedback and assessment?
  4. What is your favorite #OneNote hack or feature to improve learning outcomes?
  5. What advice would you give to schools getting started with Personalized Learning?
  6. Which resources and people inspire you to use #OneNote for Personalized Learning?
  7. How can the #OneNote Team help you to achieve more with Personalized Learning?


We may make the tools, but it’s our educators who make them count. Be sure to join one or both sessions of our TweetMeet by following #OneNoteQ and sharing how you’re optimizing OneNote in your classroom.

Stay up to date on OneNote news and educator collaborations by following us at @OneNoteEdu, @MicrosoftEdu and catch the questions in real time by following our hosts:

The MIE hosts for the Mar. 7 TweetMeet

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