TweetMeet on OneNote Class Notebook: Join #OneNoteQ on June 6

Save the date for the next TweetMeet on June 6.

School bells are ringing and OneNote capes are flapping in the summer breeze. Whether you’re counting down the days until break or still in the middle of your school year, we’ve got a new TweetMeet for you. We’ll be discussing the best of the best of Class Notebook on June 6th, during both our 10:00am PDT and 4:00pm PDT sessions. Join the conversation and share your expertise, or come to ask questions and get templates from nine of our most esteemed OneNote experts.

For this special #OneNoteQ, we’ll be hosted by nine OneNote Avengers to guide us through both sessions: Ari Schorr, Stewart Davies, Mike Tholfsen, Dean Pearman, Freda Williams, Jeremy Tucker, Kaylyn Dorland, Ben Hilliam, and Virginia Alberti. You can get to know these caped heroes ahead of time by connecting with them online, and prepare for the TweetMeet by checking out the upcoming questions, listed below. And the TweetMeet doesn’t end with Twitter, either – don’t miss the excitement from Freda Williams as she gears up for this month’s meet on YouTube.

If you’re new to the wonders of OneNote in class, be sure to visit for interactive training guides that cover the basics of Class Notebook. When you’re up to speed, check out how we’ve recently updated the OneNote design for enhanced accessibility features.

The TweetMeet questions on OneNote Class Notebook.

TweetMeet Questions:

  1. How has #OneNote Class Notebook changed your workflow as a teacher?
  2. What’s your best tip when using #OneNote with your students?
  3. Can you share an experience on how #OneNote has helped to personalize student learning?
  4. How does #OneNote enable and enhance meaningful feedback between student and teacher?
  5. Which new features of #OneNote Class Notebook will you use next?
  6. What feature would turn your colleagues into true #OneNote Avengers?
  7. What’s next for #OneNote Class Notebook?


All the educator hosts of Jun 6th's TweetMeet.

Get the questions in real time by following our hosts and watching the #OneNoteQ magic happen. Follow our education channels @OneNoteEDU and @MicrosoftEDU for more OneNote tips and the latest from Microsoft Education.


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