Extra Credits: Minecraft: Education Edition takes the Oregon Trail on the way to the Smithsonian

A screenshot of Minecraft: Education Edition

Extra Credits rounds up the latest stories on innovative educational endeavors coming from other parts of Microsoft and the world. Today’s news comes with a dash of nostalgia – Minecraft: Education Edition is reimagining Oregon Trail, a formative game for many players since 1971, as a Minecraft world dubbed The Oregon Trail Experience. Packed with learning activities that complement Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and more subjects, The Oregon Trail Experience is an educational journey through 19th century communities, from Missouri to the Oregon Coast.

Minecraft: Education Edition is also announcing a trip to the Smithsonian for their Museum Day LIVE event on Saturday, September 23.



By collaborating, we can build off the amazing resources Smithsonian has and bring immersive Minecraft extensions to the existing lesson plans. Minecraft Global Mentor Ben Kelly already experienced these extensions with his students.

“In an era where personalized learning is the goal, the ‘Museum of Me’ Project can be used to help educators find common interests with their students and identify career and curriculum areas to benefit everyone’s learning path,” said Kelly.

We hope that educators around the world can engage students in conversations and activities ranging from how materials used for buildings is transformed over time, the size of the cosmos, and help their own students build a ‘Museum of Me’. Be sure to download your free ticket from the Smithsonian site, and join in an incredible experience later this month.


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