What’s New in EDU: Putting creativity in motion with Minecraft and everyday STEM


Bringing STEM-centric projects into the classroom can be a lofty goal when resources are limited, but there’s often room for a grounded, everyday approach. In the September edition of What’s New in EDU, our monthly round-up of the latest efforts and products from Microsoft Education, we fast-track a new low-cost STEM project with the help of Hot Wheels. We also see the future-ready skills to be gained when students travel back in time with Minecraft: Education Edition.

As Karon Weber from our Education Workshop says in this month’s episode, 65 percent of future jobs are yet to be invented. Working from their creative lab, Karon and her team devise STEM lesson plans made from affordable, everyday materials like glue, simple circuits, paperclips and tiny toy cars, to help teach a variety of 21st century skills. In the video above, Karon discusses the new interactive Forces and Motion plan, which uses the iconic orange Hot Wheels track as an eye-catching basis for learning about kinetic and potential energy.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the Forces and Motion plan yourself or with your students, it’ll be available at STEM Saturdays, our free drop-in classes and educational workshops held at Microsoft Stores (find one closest to you).

Meanwhile, Neal Manegold guides us through some medieval castle construction in Minecraft: Education Edition, which invites students to build, create and learn together. The Minecraft: Education Edition website is a great place for educators to jump in, connect with each other and share lessons that elevate skills in computer science, geometry, collaboration and even history – often in the same project.

If you’d like to see what else is new in Microsoft Education, or discover what other educators are doing in their classrooms, visit and join our Microsoft Educator Community.

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