Extra Credits: How students are transforming their lives with accessible technology

Andrew reading alongside his mother, Mitra.

Extra Credits rounds up the latest stories on innovative educational endeavors coming from other parts of Microsoft and the world.

Before last summer, Mitra Niknam recalls, her eight-year-old son felt like there was a part of the world he couldn’t access. She wanted Andrew to have as much opportunity as everyone else to bring his perspective and creativity into his classes. But it wasn’t until she knew Andrew had dyslexia that she could focus on finding solutions tailored to his needs.

Following a friend’s recommendation, Mitra and Andrew visited the Microsoft Store to try Learning Tools in OneNote, which can automatically conform words to one large font, spaces them out, and changes their color. For Andrew, this created the opportunity to read for the first time.

“Andrew, in that moment,” Mitra said, “conquered this fear and realized that he could access something that had been inaccessible to him, and I saw my little boy read and knew that here was an answer, that here was something that could change his life.”

Andrew’s story is one of many – of people transforming their lives with accessible technology like Microsoft Learning Tools.

Learn more about Andrew and other stories of people transforming their lives with accessible technology on the Official Microsoft Blog.


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