Students discover the real-world digital skills at Microsoft Store Summer Camps

Educators and students already know digital skills will be critical to career success in a future driven by technology. But students don’t have to wait until tomorrow to gain these skills. This summer, Microsoft Store locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico will deliver coding, robotics, moviemaking and philanthropic skills that students need today to be successful when pursuing any career tomorrow. These summer camps provide real-world opportunities for students looking to translate their passions and 21st century skills into something tangible for their communities and futures.

We’re excited to offer five new free YouthSpark Summer Camp curriculums at our Microsoft Store locations this year, all developed by education experts in the field and with input from our local store associates to provide students with tools that matter most, and emphasize real-world relevance in a fun and interactive environment.

Camps, which consist of either one, two or four two-hour sessions, begin in May and run through to the end of August. They are designed for students ages 8 and up, but parents, teachers and siblings are also welcomed to participate.

Our first ever philanthropy camp, Create a difference in your world, pairs technology with philanthropy, teaching students how to assemble an actionable plan to drive fundraising, volunteering and awareness for a humanitarian goal close to their hearts and community. According to, One in 10 members of Gen Z want to start a charity and 60 percent want their work to improve the future. Girls, in particular, want to change the world, but don’t see STEM as a way to achieve their goals. Every student can get a head start on their aspirations by taking part in the program and taking advantage of a range of technology.

In addition, students who attend Microsoft Store Summer Camps can program an expressive robot, make movies with 3D and Mixed Reality, and get an early grasp on coding with Minecraft. Our mission is to equip students with the digital skills they need to succeed when they pursue their career.

To join, register for summer camps today online or in person at your local Microsoft Store. By attending this year, students can take part in the following new experiences:


Create a difference in your world


This curriculum supports the next generation of philanthropists by offering ways to use technology to do good in their community. Students will develop an actionable plan for a humanitarian effort of their choice and learn about the business of fundraising, volunteering and creating awareness for their cause.


Code a talking robot with Ohbot


Ohbot is an expressive, programmable robot head that stands approximately eight inches tall, built with seven motors that tilt and turn the head and eyes and move its eyelids and lips. Over the course of this camp, students will apply computational thinking to learn how to bring Ohbot to life by coding its movements and speech.


Make your own movie with 3D and Mixed Reality


Students will learn about several aspects of making movies, including character development, storyboarding, shooting, editing and sharing. They’ll also have access to Microsoft’s latest 3D drawing and movie-making technology with Mixed Reality Viewer and the Microsoft Photos app to create and interact in mixed reality, inviting friends and family to their Microsoft Store-hosted movie premiere at the end of the camp.


Minecraft coding – learn computer science with your favorite game


Grounded in key common core standards for K-12 computer science, this camp invites students into an inclusive and immersive project built around creating, exploring and learning code in Minecraft with the help of MakeCode. Students learn and practice new computer science concepts, such as events, coordinates, variables, and conditionals, and work toward receiving a YouthSpark Certificate, awarded at the end of the camp.


Beginners fun with computers and coding


This workshop is great for students who have had little to no experience with computers and coding. Through fun and simple challenges, students as young as six will learn how computers and code work together and showcase their new skills by solving hands-on coding activities. They will also get the chance to turn the tables and teach parents how to complete a coding activity.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Store events page.

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