You’re invited to join the #MysterySkype SELFIE CHALLENGE!

The Skype in the Classroom team is launching a Mystery Skype Challenge this May so more classrooms can use this global guessing game to open the hearts and minds of their students to new people, places and cultures.  We are challenging teachers new to this guessing game, or those who play often, to get creative, get social and share all the fun with all their educator communities.  And in the end, you could be selected to join five other classrooms for a Mystery V.I.P. call!

Mystery Skype is a teacher-invented guessing game that builds students’ cultural awareness, critical thinking and geography skills. It has captured the hearts of teachers and students all over the world, ever since starting 10 years ago as a geography game, with children guessing the location of the classroom on the other side of the screen.  Today there are many variations: Mystery Animal, Mystery Number, Mystery Biome, etc.  It is estimated that over one million kids have participated in a game of Mystery Skype in over 92 countries.

Here’s how to join the fun this May!


1. Schedule a Skype call!


Organize a call with a class, guest speaker or a V.I.P. to play a #MysterySkype.


2. Get creative!


Think of a fun and clever idea for a selfie of your class, either at the beginning, during or the end of your call.


3. Share on social!


Post your classroom’s clever selfie with us @SkypeClassroom using the #MysterySkype and #sweepstakes hashtags.  Your classroom might be picked to be one of five classrooms to participate in a call with a Mystery V.I.P.


4. Tag three friends!


Spread the fun by challenging three or more other teachers to play #MysterySkype with their students and share their creative class selfie within 72 hours.


Five classrooms selected to meet a mystery V.I.P.


From all the #MysterySkype photos shared on Twitter during the month of May, we will choose five of the most interesting and creative to join us for a “Mystery Skype call” with a Mystery V.I.P.!

We’ll try our hardest to make the dates and times of our Mystery V.I.P. call work for all five classrooms. Selected classrooms will be notified at the end of May when the challenge is over.

* View Terms and Conditions here

As part of the Mystery Skype Selfie Challenge, we are introducing the new Mystery Skype emoticon! Open your Skype, type (mysteryskype) and start sharing the fun with your friends around the world.

Finally, we are relaunching the Mystery Skype curriculum OneNote with new resources and ideas to help you plan and play Mystery Skype with another classroom on the other side of the globe … or around the corner.  Several Skype Master Teachers have contributed to make sure that everything you need to start playing Mystery Skype with your class tomorrow is included!

Useful Tip: If you have the previous version of the Mystery Skype Curriculum, you need to first delete it from your account and then download the updated version.


What teachers are saying:


“There is a unique power boost added to learning when you connect your classroom around the world for a Mystery Skype. It’s removing the barricades of the four classroom walls and invites your students to become citizens of the world.”

– Scott Bedley (@scotteach), California, US

“Mystery Skype has allowed my ESL students to enhance their language skills. Through this engaging global game, each can apply critical thinking skills and independence through collaboration strategies. This goes beyond learning academic skills; it allows students to develop cultural awareness and empathy.”

– Darlene Colon (@Dar_79), Puerto Rico

Mystery Skype games have been truly magical for our classroom! They have transformed my students into more engaged learners and at the same time, they have increased their critical-thinking skills and developed feelings of empathy and understanding.

– Mio Horio (@mibra_mio), Japan