How to join the Skype Master Teacher (SMT) Program

Are you passionate about global learning and constantly looking for new opportunities to broaden your students’ horizons? Do you regularly collaborate with other classrooms, or bring in experts to enhance your students’ communication and critical thinking skills?

If you are using Skype in a way that has transformed your classroom and/or school, you are invited to join our global family! Our team is excited to announce the Skype Master Teacher Program is opening its doors to more innovative teachers this year!

By joining our program, you will be able to work closely with educators from around the world and share your passion for global learning alongside like-minded educators with other colleagues, policy makers and through social media, blogs etc. Skype Master Teachers also represent Skype in the Classroom and demonstrate its application in events, training sessions and conferences around the world.

How to nominate yourself


Self-nominations are open to Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE). If you haven’t yet, you can nominate yourself to become both an MIEE and SMT – view details on how to become an MIEE here. If you are accepted as an MIEE, your SMT nomination will then be reviewed. The self-nominations are open until August 1st. Results will be publicly announced on August 23, 2018.

To self-nominate to become a Skype Master Teacher, you need to create a Sway that addresses the following topics:

  • Are you already an MIEE, or applying to become one?
  • Why do you consider yourself a Skype Master Teacher?
  • Tell us about the way you have used Skype in your Classroom. Give us examples!
  • Describe how Skype in the Classroom activities have impacted your students/school/community.
  • If you have created a Skype learning activity within this site, please add a description of it and/or a link to it.

Once you are ready, you can complete your nomination by sending your Sway, a link to your Microsoft Educator Community profile, and Skype ID/Name to

What Skype Master Teachers say about the Skype Master Teacher program:


“The Skype Master Teachers program is very special. It’s a small group of educators that are passionate about using Skype in their classroom. There’s a feeling of togetherness amongst us that motivates and encourages us, even though we have never met, to collaborate and learn from one another. It’s like having a group of friends that always support you!”

– Mary Collins, MIEE, Skype Master Teacher, Cyprus, @marycollins_an

“Joining the Skype Master Teacher program has been an amazing opportunity for me. I am inspired daily by how SMTs use Skype in their classrooms. I also feel that I am part of a supportive community of teachers with whom I can collaborate!”

– Mio Horio, MIEE, Skype Master Teacher, Japan, @Mibra_mio

“The Skype master teacher community collects and connects motivated global educators willing to make a difference in education and one passion unites them all: Skype.”

– Koen Timmers, MIEE, Skype Master Teacher, Belgium, @zelfstudie

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