Marshall Public Schools adopts Windows 10 in S mode devices to balance security while enabling student creativity

Extra Credits rounds up the latest stories on innovative educational endeavors coming from other parts of Microsoft and the world. This entry highlights an initiative from a Midwest educational district: Marshall Public Schools, in Marshall, Minnesota, who have deployed HP x360 devices running Windows 10 in S mode to students in the district.

S mode eases security concerns for the IT team, while simultaneously giving students a platform they can use to express themselves. Each device runs Office 365 and as new apps are required, the IT team can security deploy them using Intune for Education, Microsoft’s cloud-based IT management platform for schools.

Todd Pickthorn, District Network Services Coordinator for Marshall Public School District says, “With that extra security provided by Windows 10 in S mode, we get the right balance between safeguarding devices and encouraging communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.”

In the classroom, Erica, a Junior at Marshall High School, says this about S mode: “I haven’t had to bring my charger to school once, it’s remained charged the entire day. Previously, I’ve been using Google Chrome, but now with S mode I am using Microsoft Edge, and I’m able to go to a document, highlight, edit, and save it right to my OneDrive, then access it later.”

Read more about Marshall Public Schools here.

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