3 key ways Microsoft 365 Education gives you the most value at the lowest cost

Many educational institutions looking to harness the power of the cloud consider Microsoft and Google. While both include collaboration, voice, device and security services, Microsoft 365 Education provides coverage and capabilities most institutions aren’t aware they can get in a single license.

We know you’ll do the due diligence to determine which service will best meet your requirements. However, we also understand that discerning long-term benefits from a list of specs can be tricky. Before you roll up your pant legs and wade into oceans of technical data, we’d like to point out a couple of specific ways Microsoft 365 Education helps you get the most value at the lowest cost.


A comprehensive solution that goes beyond the basics


Microsoft 365 Education brings together  Office 365 Education, Enterprise Mobility + Security  (EM+S) with Intune for Education, Windows 10, and Minecraft: Education Edition.

From speedy device set-up, to empowering self-service capabilities, to unified identity experiences and more, Windows 10 and EM+S add integrated functionality that elevates Microsoft 365 Education from a collection of technologies to a finely orchestrated solution.

But will it run your apps? Windows 10 allows you to run more of your legacy applications the way they are – no changes required. Before you finalize your decision, why not test your apps in Chrome and Windows 10 to see what this might mean for you?


1. Advanced security capabilities to protect your users and data


Integrating Windows 10 and EM+S as part of Microsoft 365 Education creates a robust security solution that enables advanced capabilities. With Microsoft 365 Education, you can easily:

  • Protect users’ identities and control data access based on user risk level
  • Protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked
  • Ensure documents and emails are seen only by authorized people
  • Gain visibility and control over security tools, and more.

With Microsoft 365 Education, you can easily access the security features that help you stay compliant with strict privacy regulations, like GDPR, without having to stitch them together.


2. Microsoft 365 Education delivers a true student use benefit


Microsoft created the student use benefit to simplify licensing, improve cost effectiveness and provide expanded services for customers who adopt Microsoft 365 Education at their educational institution. When you buy licenses for your staff, you are eligible to receive the student use benefit. This benefit entitles you to up to 40 student licenses for every staff license purchased – and when we say staff, we mean faculty, teachers and staff. We’re firmly committed to supporting the student use benefit and have been since we launched it in 2014. We see the student use benefit as an opportunity to help you get great services at a great value.

With the recent launch of G Suite Enterprise for Education, Google’s new fee-based subscription offer, customers who purchase G Suite Enterprise for all of their staff can get up to 10 student licenses for $0/user/month for each staff license purchased. If the staff to student ratio is greater than 1:10, a school might need to purchase additional staff licenses to cover their students. Unlike Microsoft’s student use benefit, this is a promotional discount that has a specified end date and may or may not work out in your favor—especially over the long run.

Take,for example the following scenario, which is based on a real higher education institution serving 86,500 students and 3,800 academic staff. This school wants to adopt a single solution across their populations. While G Suite Enterprise may have a lower price tag on day one with the limited time promotion, the promotional period will end and there is no on-going offer that’s equivalent to Microsoft’s student use benefit.

Open full infographic [PDF]


3. We can help you get a fast start


For schools who purchase 1,000 seats or more of Microsoft 365 Education, we offer FastTrack services to help with onboarding. Get your questions answered from an engineer, not a website. We have experts ready to migrate email and data for your staff.

We understand the unique challenges you face when considering what technology is right for your educational setting, as well as the tremendous upside of getting it right.

We want what’s best for your students, your staff and your peace of mind – starting today and growing with you through the long run. That’s why Microsoft 365 Education includes everything you need in one single offering, available through our unique student use benefit.


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