Catch up on OneNote Class Notebook with this course by a teacher

This definitive, six-week OneNote course is designed to help teachers explore and deploy Class Notebook as a tool in their classrooms. Over the six weeks, teachers will discover each of the components of Class Notebook and learn how each of the features of OneNote can be used to support pedagogy and assessment, as well as enhance student engagement across the curriculum. Whether you want to navigate OneNote resources you find, or create your own, this course is for you.

The course materials are designed and carried out directly in OneNote, so you will literally use what you learn as you go. You can revisit these legacy resources as often as you need to learn and refresh your OneNote practice.

Each week is available as a new section in this OneNote Notebook. The course is free and sponsored by OneNote Central (@onenotec).

Spanning five weeks, this course will leave you feeling confident and competent in the use of OneNote as part of your Office 365 deployment, covering everything from the basics of setting up and navigating OneNote menus, to navigating content libraries and managing unique spaces for teachers and students.


Course summary


Week One is your orientation course, exploring the different versions of OneNote and helping you decide where best to start. It covers how to set up and manage your first OneNote and Class Notebook experience, explores the top features you will use most often, and delve into why OneNote and Class Notebook are so useful in the classroom.

Each week has an extra page with some more ideas on how to use OneNote in the classroom.


Week 2 is all about Content Library: how to structure your content library and make tables of contents for the students to navigate through the notebook with greater ease.

It further talks about adding and embedding content in OneNote and creating content you can embed in your Content Library.


Week 3 is all about Teacher-only space and how you can use and structure this section. It gives you ideas on how to create your own monthly and weekly planner templates, lesson plan templates and badges.

You’ll also learn how to password-protect your sections and move, copy and merge lesson pages and sections in the Content Library.

As an extra for the week, there is a tip on how to use custom tags for following a student’s progress:

Week 4 is about collaboration in the classroom. It covers the Collaboration Space and using OneNote Class Notebook within Teams, along with some ideas on how to use Teams in the classroom.

How to structure and manage collaboration space and Teams:

I suggest two extra activities in Week 4: Learning Styles Template and creating an audio board game in OneNote.

Week 5 deals with private student notebooks, giving permissions to parents, creating digital portfolios, assignments quizzes, and flashcards.

And Week 6 will cover how to preset your OneNote notebook, share and export notebooks.

Enjoy the course!

Marija Petreska, an educator from Macedonia, provided this guest post for the Microsoft Education Blog.

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