Thousands of students travel 23 million virtual miles over Skype to help children in need

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Through one of the world’s largest live connections of students at one time, Skype-a-Thon participants from 102 countries traveled a total of 23 million virtual miles in the span of two days. Thank you to all the classrooms and participants who invested so much of their time and creativity! It was truly amazing to see the energy and feel the power of classrooms connecting across the world.

What an incredible 48 hours! Hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and guest speakers came together over Skype to learn with each other. The stories and experiences they shared opened hearts and minds!

What made the experience even more special is that the 23 million virtual miles traveled also raised funds to support the education resources for up to 35,000 children in need in WE Villages – supporting UN Sustainability Development Goal #4, Quality Education.

From overnight sleep-overs in schools, where students traveled up to 3 time zones away, to schools that visited all 7 continents and all 50 states in the US, participants shared thousands of songs, stories and traditions to build empathy and compassion for one another.

For those who participated, celebrate your experiences and share them with others:


You can continue the fun and learning inspired by Skype-a-Thon throughout the year by visiting Skype in the Classroom and learning how to take Virtual Field Trips, schedule guest speakers, and connect with thousands of other classrooms. There are also a lot of Activity Plans aligned to ISTE standards and written by teachers to support you, as you organize your live learning activities.

Every year, Skype-a-Thon opens the hearts and minds of the students and teachers who have the chance to visit people and places they would never be able to physically visit. And those experiences over Skype foster human connections that truly shape the perspectives and attitudes of the next generation of global citizens. These citizens can make the world a better place and that is just what they did this year.

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