Introducing the 2019 Bett Partners

As we seek to empower every student on the planet to achieve more, we are given the amazing opportunity to work with truly inspirational partners to help us support you in raising student outcomes and supporting growth. With the Bett show just around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of our wonderful partners who will be sharing our booth and experiences with us in 2019.

This year, we will be showcasing experiential moments from twelve key partners within the education arena, including:

  • Technology to give teachers the flexibility to teach from anywhere within the room
  • Lesson plans that bring STEM to life and develop 21st century skills
  • Math teacher training
  • Tools for curriculum development and content creation
  • Teaching and learning solutions
  • Collaboration tools
  • Certification solutions
  • Hands-on coding experiences
  • 3D / AR experiences to make learning exciting

To get a sneak peek, please see below. Bett takes place Jan. 23 – Jan 26 in London, UK. See our full schedule here.

As Microsoft’s co-engineering partner, ScreenBeam Wireless Display and Classroom Orchestration solutions enable teacher mobility and boosts classroom engagement and collaboration for better learning outcomes. ScreenBeam wireless display delivers an app and cable free experience allowing teachers to wirelessly connect their device to the room display and move freely around the classroom. For student device management in a Windows classroom, ScreenBeam offers Classroom Commander combining classroom orchestration features with wireless display capabilities.

Arduino Education is a dedicated team formed by education experts, content developers, engineers and interaction designers from all around the world. We are focused on developing the next generation of STEAM programs and supporting the needs of educators and students throughout the educational journey.

The BBC has been committed to supporting, engaging and inspiring learners across the globe for decades reaching over 500M people each month. We do this through powerful story-telling and awe-inspiring visuals that pull in the viewer and helps instill a love for learning. As part of our mission, BBC Learning has partnered with like-minded organizations looking to transform education and learning outcomes in students.

BFC Networks are a leading Microsoft partner delivering Microsoft 365 Education to schools, councils and Multi Academy Trusts up and down the UK.  With our new provisioning tool you’ll be able to manage your Office 365 tenant and get more out of the cloud product with automation of OneNote Class Notebook, Microsoft Teams and Schools Data Sync.

Schools suffer from chronic shortages of good Maths teachers. eMathsMaster enables non-Maths teachers to quickly deliver effective KS2-GCSE lessons through 366 animated, narrated, video-based, step-by-step Maths modules; covering lessons, teaching techniques, assessments that deliver real-world Shanghai Maths mastery. Teacher, Pupil & School editions available.

GamaLearn – founded in 1989 – has a mission of driving continuous innovation and niche solutions in the Education, Corporate & Government sectors. Through its portfolio of products, solutions, SME’s and 30+ years of strategic partnerships in the MENA region, GamaLearn has a proven track record of tried-and-true methodologies to disrupt both learning and assessment practices. GamaLearn is a strategic Microsoft partner (ISV/AEP/Co-Sell), offering our customers a premium service using Cloud, AI, Mobility, IoT, and more to assist with their digital transformation journey.

InfoMentor was founded in Iceland in the year 2000 with the mission to empower teachers and allow students to reach their full potential. Since then InfoMentor has grown to become a leading Learning management provider used by more than half a million users in Sweden, Iceland, the UK, Switzerland and Germany. InfoMentor is using it´s experience and knowledge to create a new solution within Microsoft Teams to take the next leap to reduce teacher workload.

LEGO® Education offers hands-on, playful STEAM learning experiences based on the LEGO system of bricks—through multi-faceted solutions for students and their teachers in early learning, primary, and secondary education as well as through after-school programs and competitions. These solutions create an environment where active, collaborative learners build skills for their future and a lifelong love for learning.

Come and experience yourself the interactive 3D science curriculum from Lifeliqe! We’ll show you how to make learning exciting and effective with thousands of 3D models and lesson plans with the use of technology that students love. The largest digital science curriculum in 3D is powered by Microsoft tools and available also in AR, VR, or MR.

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized programmable device that delivers huge capability at low cost. It can be programmed using a variety of free coding platforms, from simple drag-and-drop blocks to full text. The BBC micro:bit started as a BBC-led project where 1 million devices were distributed to 11-12 year old children across the UK. The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is a non-profit company ensuring that the micro:bit is available worldwide.

Play Impossible transforms sports and play into STEM learning activities. The Company’s first product, Play Impossible Gameball™, is an active STEM system that delivers fun and challenging games integrated with math and physics lesson plans through a professionally crafted inflatable smart ball containing sensors that connect to a smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth.

At PowerSchool, we believe in the simple truth that every student deserves the best opportunities in life. From the back office to the classroom to the home, PowerSchool helps schools and districts efficiently manage instruction, learning, grading, attendance, assessment, analytics, state reporting, special education, student registration, talent, finance and HR. We power the education ecosystem with unified technology that supports over 45 million students in over 70 countries.

Certiport and Prodigy Learning provide globally, industry recognised digital skills certifications for Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft and other technologies. These IT Certifications deliver job-ready skills, improving employability for students and CPD for educators.

Skooler is an EdTech software company from Norway with a vision to empower teachers to prepare students for their future. Skooler is the leading LMS built exclusively for Microsoft Office 365 education. Our tools will help you integrate technology into the teaching and learning environment, modernizing processes, daily tasks and collaborate school-wide and in the classroom. Skooler is the most important tool in your Office 365 tool belt and your leading partner in education.

Having been a dedicated IT provider to schools for nearly 30 years, Stone understands that the effective use of technology is a fundamental factor in engaging students and improving performance levels. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we’ve recently been helping schools, colleges and universities to integrate modern technology securely and effectively into their curriculum and within budget.

DfE recommended as part of “Deals for Schools” Think IT is the specialist ICT procurement framework for Education. We help schools, MATs, HE/FE and LAs implement fantastic Microsoft solutions that save money, improve learning and save teachers time. Ask Think IT to get the best Microsoft Licensing deals.

Meet Wonder Workshop’s Cue, an award-winning robot for secondary students. Built on Microsoft’s MakeCode platform and compatible with Windows 10, this sophisticated robot transitions kids from block-based coding to JavaScript. Plus, discover the project-based Applied Robotics Curriculum and the thought-provoking Sketch Kit and Gripper Building Kit accessories designed for Cue. Take coding and robotics to the next level for secondary students with Wonder Workshop’s award-winning robot, Cue.

Don’t worry if you are not attending – you can learn more with daily live streams from our Microsoft Education Facebook page, or visit our solutions brochure to see the vast array of solutions we have available for you.

We are also pleased to announce that we will be returning to the Platinum suite with the Bett Solution Showcase, focusing on core solution areas that drive better learning outcomes to help students achieve more. The Solution Showcase will be in action from January 23 – 24, covering a range of topics that include collaborative learning platforms, interactive tools, best practices in school transformation, and a customer panel on increasing employability and future ready skills.

In addition, a STEM partner panel will feature an AR and robotics session that unleashes creativity and engages students. You will hear from partners and their customers as they share transformational solutions and key learnings experienced in the classroom.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth, either in person or virtually!

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