“We must treat every student as a person who has innate talent.” – Jacek Mielcarek, Poland

Jacek Mielcarek
Computer Science, Programming and English Language Teacher
Primary School of Kornel Makuszynski
Radowo Małe, Poland

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (#MIEExpert) Jacek Mielcarek knows that changing long-held attitudes about teaching can be hard, but he believes treating students differently is imperative to education today. “Nowadays, it is not enough to introduce new technology in the lesson, although it is very important,” Mielcarek says. “We must treat every student as a person who has innate talent.”

Mielcarek focuses on developing the interests and passions of his students, which is why he introduces new technologies in his English and ICT classrooms.

“I have introduced programs like Insta.Ling, Kahoot, Quizlet, Learningapps and Skype in the Classroom,” Mielcarek shares with us. “I also do additional classes in robotics and programming.”

Mielcarek is the administrator of the YouTube robotics channel, Robotyka SP Radowo Małe, where he shares videos from classes in robotics and programming. His students build and program robots like Lego WeDo 2.0, Lego Boost, Codey Rocky, OZOBOTY, and work with a 3D printer.

Central to Mielcarek’s interest in ICT were a meeting of Microsoft Innovative Educators, and the introduction of lessons from robotics and programming in his school.

“These situations freed me in my desire to learn better and new educational technologies in teaching,” he says. “I understood that it is impossible to change education without new technologies.”

You can connect with Jacek Mielcarek on his Microsoft Educator Community profile link.

About Jacek Mielcarek

  • Educational background: Master of English and Computer Science 
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology:  Skype, Sway, Office 365
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? By yourself.
  • Website I check every day: https://www.facebook.com/microsoftdlaedukacji/, https://www.microsoft.com/pl-pl/education.
  • Favorite childhood memory:  Freedom, and the ability to do what you want.
  • Favorite book: Out of Our minds: Learning to be Creative by Ken Robinson


Tweet: #MIEExpert Jacek Mielcarek believes every one of his ICT and English student has innate talents, no matter their skill set.

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