You can do a lot more with Minecraft: Education Edition in your classroom than you might realize. That’s why we’ve rounded up a special collection of “You Can” videos dedicated to helping you get the most out of Minecraft’s imaginative 3D worlds and standards-aligned lessons and curriculum.

You Can Teach Coding with Minecraft: Education Edition
Not a computer scientist or new to coding? That’s Ok! Learn how to introduce coding to your students using Minecraft: Education Edition in just a few minutes. Check out more lessons and curriculum here.

You Can Navigate Our Minecraft Lesson Library
Bring your classroom to life with Minecraft: Education Edition. Get started with standards-aligned lessons, tutorials and downloadable worlds available for free on our website. Watch the video, then find a lesson that you can teach.

You Can Create Lessons In Minecraft: Education Edition
Join our global community of passionate educators to discover the power of Minecraft: Education Edition in your classroom. Meet and learn from fellow educators, gain access to new lessons and teaching resources, and bring immersive learning to your students.

You Can Document Student Work In Minecraft: Education Edition
Learn how to use the camera, portfolio, and the book & quill to document work in Minecraft: Education Edition. These tools support formative assessment and help students show evidence of learning.

You Can Manage Classroom Settings In Minecraft: Education Edition
It’s important to understand how to adjust game settings to suit your teaching needs and classroom environment. Learn how to access and change game settings to support classroom management as you introduce Minecraft: Education Edition to your students. FAQ for game features can be found here. You can learn more about classroom management tips here.

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